Spring Tails Slots

Spring is in the air right now, and nowhere is that more evident than in the new Spring Tails slot game. Notice the spelling of tails… it might just provide a clue to what is in store when you play the game. The opening imagery is as detailed as you could hope to get, but what about the game itself? We’ve reviewed it for you here, and we can confirm you won’t be disappointed.

Which developer is behind the new Spring Tails online slot game?

Whenever Betsoft delivers a new slot, you know you’re going to love it, right? They’ve added Spring Tails to their roster of impressive games in 2020, starting the year in style.

You can test the demo version first if you’d like

It’s always good to see exactly how a game works before devoting any time to it – let alone any of your budget. Fortunately, you can do just that with this slot game.

Which theme is used for this game?

A rat appears when you first load the game, highlighted as a special symbol (more about the rat shortly). Meanwhile, there is some dramatic mountainous scenery in the background, along with an Asian-style building. That suggests this slot game is inspired by the 2020 Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac, which is indeed the case.

Does this slot game earn top marks for a great design?

It does, although it doesn’t rely on the impressive 3D graphics seen so often throughout other Betsoft games. Everything looks sharp though, with large reels occupying much of the screen. We were disappointed to see the uninspiring letters and numbers shown as the lower-valued symbols, especially since everything else looks so good.

What should you expect from this slot game?

The five reels are easy to see when the game has loaded. There are no progressive jackpots in this game, with the only available prizes listed in the paytable.

The game features a Lucky Rat as a wild symbol. This can appear on any of the middle three reels but not on the other two. These certainly could prove lucky for you as each one displays a random multiplier of either 3x, 4x, or 5x. According to the paytable, these can multiply with each other to grant larger multipliers. The maximum would be a huge 60x – lovely to find if you manage to snag a winning combination with enough rats involved, don’t you think?

Look out too for a golden key, easy to spot thanks to its rich appearance. This can show up on any of those middle three reels, too. While scatter prizes can be secured with just one or two keys, three or more would be better, as you’ll soon learn.

How many paylines are there?

Would you be surprised to learn there are just five here? We were. They are all fixed, but since there are so few of them, it’s likely you would find an affordable bet to play with.

Betting options in Spring Tails slots

The default wager is set at 50 cents per spin when the game loads, so do be aware of this. That said, the smallest bet is just five cents (or one cent per line), while the biggest one is just five dollars. This is a game intended for the lower-budget player.

Look for the paytable for more game details

There isn’t too much involved with this game, but you can read about all its features and icons in the paytable. You’ll find it just under the first reel of the game.

Is there a Spring Tails bonus feature?

No, sadly not.

Checking out the free spin opportunity in Spring Tails

Find three or more keys and you’ll receive 12 free games to play through. You could still benefit from those Lucky Rat wilds. Furthermore, the free games are played only with the presence of the high-value icons. All those letters and numbers are removed from the reels for the 12 games. That means it is easier to get some better prizes if the symbols fall in your favor.

RTP information

Betsoft has announced that the RTP for this new slot game is 95.84%.

Our rating for the Spring Tails slot game

This is a nice game to play. It looks good and focuses on the latest Chinese zodiac character. There are a couple of tweaks in it (namely the multipliers and the free spins with only higher-valued symbols) that elevate it higher than it would otherwise have been. We’re rating this as a good 7/10 slot game option.

With no progressives in play, what’s the best outcome someone could get?

According to Betsoft, the maximum possible prize would be 300,364.2x their bet. Don’t you just love the .2 element of that? Few will get close to that prize, but some wild multipliers could certainly elevate your chances.

Play the demo for Spring Tails today

This is far from the only Chinese zodiac-themed slot out there, but we think it’s going to be another popular addition to the Betsoft collection. Try it yourself and see.

Betsoft casinos allow you to play for real

What better reason could there be to sign up to one?

Does the game work on mobile devices too?

Yes, it is designed for desktop and mobile, with Android and iOS platforms just fine for playing it.