Tower of Fortuna Slots

Does the Tower of Fortuna online slot tower above the competition? We believe it might, but before we can confirm that idea, we need to review every portion of the game. We’ve done that for you right here, so if your curiosity is peaking, don’t worry – you can find all the answers here today.

Developer details for Tower of Fortuna

This is another superb title from Betsoft, and if you know that name, you’ll know how promising it is when connected to a slot.

Demo game available

Yes, Betsoft doesn’t let us down on this score. We suggest you load the demo for Tower of Fortuna first, so you can see what you think about it.

What’s the theme?

The Goddess of Luck is central to this theme, as is the Tower itself. The background is superb, and mention of a goddess suggests we’re heading back in time too, as you’ll see when you play.

Design features to look for

The design is crucial to how the game plays. You can see the reels inside the tower, and a cherub flies around to the right of the reels. We suspect this is the Goddess, but we’re not sure. The cherub does have a special role to play though, as we’ll explain shortly.

Reels, symbols, and more in Tower of Fortuna slots

This game has three reels, but each one stands three high. You can find the wild on the second of those reels, showing a banner in red and gold with the message WILD on it. This substitutes everything but the gold sun, and as you might suppose, that’s the scatter. One other thing you won’t see here is a progressive jackpot.

Fixed paylines in play

You can see their positions in the paytable, and there are five in total to bet on with each spin.

Place your bets

This is a distance off being a penny slot, as you’ll see from the 60-cent minimum wager. It means you need to bet at least 12 cents per line. You’ve got a maximum bet of $9.60 at the opposite end of the scale too.

Paytable details

This is beautifully designed and ideal to look at before you play. The button to access it is under the first reel of the game.

Is there a bonus round?

There is a chance to climb the Tower of Fortuna, and this will occur whenever you get a losing spin. The base multiplier in the game is 1x, as shown by the cherub. Whenever you don’t find a prize on a spin, you’ll climb to the next level in the tower and the multiplier goes up by 1x. The process carries on – sometimes sending you way above the clouds – until you find one or more prizes on the reels. At this point, each prize receives the multiplier shown. Once complete, the multiplier returns to 1x, and you return to the bottom of the tower to begin again.

Free spins also turn up in Tower of Fortuna

As usual, three scatters – the sun here, remember – get you some free spins. You’ll receive 10 spins, but you can get more by finding another three suns during those games. Betsoft has added the option of a buy feature to get the spins sooner. You’ll also take advantage of the multiplier and tower-climbing features during these spins.

What’s the RTP like?

It is given as 96.09%, which we think is decent.

Do we like playing Tower of Fortuna?

The graphics make this an irresistible slot to play, and it doesn’t feel like a three-reel slot game either. It’s tough to rank this any lower than 8.5/10 – that’s how promising and entertaining this one is.

What is the best prize potential in the game?

According to Betsoft, the best you could get is 3,200x your bet, so we guess that would involve some hefty multiplier action, don’t you?

Play for entertainment in the tower today

Tower of Fortuna is one of our new favorites from Betsoft. The tower, the graphics, and the prize potential certainly add up to one of the best three-reel games we’ve seen of late. It’s worth spinning the reels in practice mode first if you can.

Will you try the real game?

If you find it at a Betsoft-friendly casino, you can play it for real when you sign up for an account. Watch for any free spins or deposit deals you could play with too.

Mobile access for Tower of Fortuna

You can play on Android and iOS devices if you’d rather do that than get on a computer.