Jackpot Jam Slots

So… is this about cooking, with mention of jam in the title? No – we’re talking about a far cooler theme than that. The creator reveals this as you load the game, with a basketball player in view to start with. A basketball even acts as the O in the word Jackpot, so it’s obvious enough.

Let’s see what else we might find as we play this game though. If you’re ready for some sporting action, load up our review of the Jackpot Jam slot game today.

Developer details

It’s always nice to see which developer creates a game, and in this case, we give you Arrows Edge as the answer.

Demo access

You can play this as a demo game first if you like – and we always recommend you do that if you can.

We already know the theme for this one

Yep – Jackpot Jam is all about basketball.

What does the design look like?

There are some classic elements in action, such as 7s and bar symbols, albeit with the latter including some basketballs. The cartoon-style appearance is one we love, and we hope you do as well.

How to play Jackpot Jam

This is a three-reel game, which may surprise you. It does offer three rows of symbols though, so it feels a lot bigger than you might first think. It also has a wild symbol – the basketball player – and he subs for all other symbols landing in the game.

You’ve got fixed paylines in this one

There are only four of them though, so you shouldn’t have any issues playing on those.

Available bets in Jackpot Jam slots

As with all other Arrows Edge slot games, you’ll see a series of coin values available to choose from before you play. Make sure you choose an affordable bet and remember you must play all four lines.

The paytable explains more about the game

We hope we’re covering everything you need to know here, but it’s still wise to check on the paytable. You can check on the appearance of all the symbols there as well.

Bonus features: Do we get any?

Not in this title, no.

You could score some free spins though

Aside from the wild basketball player, there is also a chance to reach a free spin round. The details for the game don’t tell us much about this, but it seems that you must find the basketball to reach them.

Return to player information

There are two figures here, one considering those progressive jackpot prizes and one for the base game. The latter figure is 94.70%, which falls a little below the level we like to see in slots. The RTP figure including the jackpots is higher, as you’d expect it to be, coming in at 96.07%, so that’s decent enough.

Our rating for Jackpot Jam slots

This is a cool game, especially given the three-reel format. We love the theme and the presentation, so if you’re ready to play it, we think you’re going to play an 8/10 slot.

Potential winners will want those jackpots…

With three progressives up for grabs during the game, there is no doubt that most players will want to be in with a chance to scoop one. We all know the odds are against us in that respect, but hey, with three jackpots there, who wouldn’t want a shot at one of them?

You can always play for entertainment

This is sometimes the best way to play – just to see how things work. Jackpot Jam does have a demo, as we know, so check it out when you visit the game for the first time.

Play for real wherever casinos offer Arrows Edge games

Arrows Edge adds Jackpot Jam to what is already a sensational collection of slot games. Make sure you check those out if you find a casino offering this title as well.

Can you play Jackpot Jam on mobile devices?

You can – it is available across Android and iOS devices along with many others capable of displaying and playing mobile compatible slot games.