Double Header Slots

We know what comes into our minds when we think about a Double Header, so does this game offer the sporting theme we are thinking of? And if it does, is it a superb slot game to try? We have the answers for you here, so if you’re keen to learn more, sit comfortably and wait to find out more.

Have you heard of WGS?

This company has gone through several changes over the years, but the name you might know already is Wager Gaming, and that’s where this game is found.

Demo action in the Double Header slot

As usual, this developer has shoehorned in a demo version that’s identical to the real one, except it offers no risk and no need to use real coins. Of course, this means there are no prizes either, but it’s an ideal way to learn more about it.

Have you figured out where this theme might take us?

We were correct on that sporting element, and it turns out that the game offers a theme based around baseball. You get the baseball field in action here as the backdrop to help set the scene.

More about the design elements of the game

Double Header looks superb as it takes you into the action. There are spotlights above the reels, with one shining on each reel. The game doesn’t employ a 3D approach, but it does manage to achieve plenty with the 2D graphics.

Let’s give Double Header a spin

The 5 x 3 set of reels appears when you load the game. You won’t find a progressive jackpot anywhere.

If you’re familiar with baseball, you might recognize some of the characters in the game. For example, the pitcher pitches in as a substitute. The only thing this character won’t replace during the action is the scatter. We say ‘scatter’ but it should really be scatters because there are three in action. You’ll see a catcher and an umpire on the same symbol as the first one. The second depicts a foam hand. The third is a woman with a baseball cap on. These have separate borders in green,

yellow, and blue, respectively. If you find the woman in the cap, she’ll only turn up on the three odd reels. We can say the same of the umpire icon too.

A manageable quantity of paylines

Yes, and there are 10 of those in action here.

Betting possibilities

The coins go from a penny to five dollars apiece, so you need to see which value might work best for you. Playing with a cheaper wager means any budget should last longer.

Paytable details

You’ll find the spin button easily enough underneath the reels, and if you look to the side of it, there’s the paytable.

Look out for several bonus features

Firstly, three of the scatters showing the umpire and catcher bring a symbol that says Strikeout K. This triggers the bonus… but only once you’ve got eight of them. Fortunately, you don’t need to land all eight in the same game. You can collect them as you play. You then need to find three of the baseball-capped women in a spin to reach it, so it’s slightly complicated to get there. The idea is that once you’re ready to play, you pitch the ball and try to gain a strike. You don’t want a home run though, as you’re the pitcher, so you need the batter to miss.

Basically, you’ll use those collected symbols to make pitches during the bonus. We advise you to play the demo first, so you can carry on until you get to the round to see what happens. It’s easier to play than to explain!

Moreover, if the batter appears on the fourth reel, you can choose to nudge either reel two or four to try and land a winning combo. You can only use this Opti-Nudge feature on a losing spin though.

Watch for the blue hands to get some free spins

This scatter comes into play for this round, where the game rewards you with five, 10, or 15 spins at no charge if you can find three, four, or five blue hands.

We don’t know the value of the RTP

This is common throughout some of the games from this developer, so it’s not an unusual omission.

How good is our rating?

We think the Double Header slot deserves 9/10 thanks to all the features and vital symbols that crop up during the game. However, it is a little tricky to understand to begin with, so we’re glad it comes with a demo.

Grab up to 2,500x your wager

That seems to be the biggest line prize available here, and you’d receive that if you got five pitchers – the wilds – on a line you bet money on.

Demo action in the baseball game

You can choose the practice version of Double Header to begin with – and we do suggest you choose this option first. It’s got a lot to offer, but it is essential that you understand how it all works before going ahead with some spins.

Play for real if you like what you see

We don’t think being a baseball fan is a prerequisite to playing this slot, as it does offer plenty of action. However, do check your wagers and if you like the game, you can change over to the real version whenever you’re ready.

Playing Double Header on mobile

Those with a tablet or smartphone can also try this game on Android or iOS.