Malt Shop Memories Slots

You don’t see too many malt shops around today, that’s for sure. So, it’s refreshing to see we get the chance to visit one in the Malt Shop Memories online slot game. We can’t think of any other game that uses this same theme either, so if you want something truly unique, this could well be it. Check out our review here, so you know what’s in store for you.

Developer information

This is an older slot that still has a lot of appeal, and it comes from Wager Gaming.

Should you expect to find a demo?

Yes, they’ve taken the usual route and have given us a practice version of the Malt Shio Memories slot to try.

Theme details

Well, we have given it away already, haven’t we? That said, we don’t think the title hides too much away!

Does it offer an appealing design?

We think it does. Even though this is an older slot game, it has a Fifties theme, so it works well even today. You can expect burgers and shakes on the reels, along with a classic car from that era.

How to play the Malt Shop Memories slot game

This is one of those appealing three-reel games where there are no fruits in sight. Unless you count the added bits in the burger, we guess! It doesn’t have a progressive jackpot prize, so the available prizes are those that appear in the paytable.

We do get a wild to hunt for in this slot game, and it turns out to be the classic Fifties car we mentioned just now. This can pay out a prize with one appearing anywhere on the line on its own. It also gives a 2x multiplier when used with two other identical symbols for a three-symbol prize.

You might have guessed the payline quantity already…

… and there is just one of them in play.

Place your bets in the malt shop

The game reveals a one-cent minimum per coin, and you do get the chance to play up to three coins on the line. You’ve also got other coins to consider, ranging up to $10 apiece.

You won’t struggle to find the paytable

It appears above the reels, so you’ve always got it in view when you need it.

No bonus in this game

It’s a simple game, when you visit the shop to get some of those Malt Shop Memories. So, there’s no bonus to worry about.

Free spins don’t feature either

You might have worked that out, as there is no scatter to unlock them.

RTP for Malt Shop Memories

The game has a return to player value for sure, but it is unclear what that might be.

Our rating: Is it worth visiting this shop?

It’s a cool theme and one that looks great when you see the game. With a 2x wild in action, you’ll be searching for that car. This is a delightful three-reel slot worth a score of 7/10.

What is the top prize in Malt Shop Memories?

As is usually the case when you play with more than one coin, there are different prize amounts available depending on what happens. If you find three milkshakes on the payline on a three-coin wager, you’ll scoop the top prize of 2,000 coins.

Demo play is the ideal welcome

Visit the malt shop for a practice run and see what you think. This is a charming slot to play, we believe.

Play for real for memorable prizes

The smaller prizes are easier to gain, of course, so there is some potential with the paid version of the game.

Mobile access isn’t likely with this one

It may not have been designed in the Fifties, but it is still an older title compared to many others from Wager Gaming. This means you may not find it in mobile casinos.