Mah Jong Madness Slots

You may already know about Mah Jong, a game involving tiles that you can play with a real set or online, or even via a smartphone app. Here, though, you’ve got a chance to play a slot game version, which we think might be the first time we have ever seen Mah Jong as a slot. So, let’s see whether this is a big hit or a forgettable game to play.

Developer info for Mah Jong Madness

We guess someone at Wager Gaming must be a major fan of this game.

Demo activity guaranteed

As usual for a slot that doesn’t involve any progressive jackpots, this game does come with a demo version for you to check out first.

A true Mah Jong theme

The game doesn’t bring any surprises on this score, as everything is designed to revolve around the theme suggested by that title.

Design elements and notable features

All the symbols in use in this game look like the tiles used in the real game. You may well recognize some of them if you’ve tried the game before. We liked the detailing on the control panel too, which uses lettering that fits with the Oriental theme of the game.

Are you ready to play some Mah Jong Madness?

If so, you can load up five reels, each with three tiles on them when the spinning stops. We said there were no progressives here, but you’ll find many varied prizes up for grabs if you manage to create some winning combos.

Don’t expect any special icons to show up though, because the game hasn’t given us a wild or a scatter. The most important symbol to find is a green one, as shown on the paytable. This can lead to the biggest prize available in the game.

How many lines does the game offer?

An unusual number… there are 21 of them. Perhaps that is supposed to bring good fortune. We can only hope.

Can you try this one as a penny slot?

You can, yes, which means you’ll get 21 cents to play each spin including all those lines. The upper limit for coin wagers is $10 per coin.

Paytable details

You’ll easily find it as it sits to the left of the main control panel underneath the reels.

Bonus features are out of bounds in Mah Jong Madness

Don’t get mad, but you won’t find a bonus round in this slot game.

Free spins don’t feature in the game either

There are none of these available, sadly.

Any information about the return to player percentage?

It doesn’t appear so, no.

Our rating for this Mah Jong Madness slot

It’s obvious that the basics of the game are just that… basic. However, it is reassuring to know that the game looks superb and uses a theme we cannot recall ever seeing before. This means you’ve got some excellent enjoyment to have in this basic slot, even though there is nothing else to expect along the way. It’s 7/10 from us.

How big is that jackpot?

We mentioned the green symbol, and you must find this in all five positions on any of the lines you’ve placed a coin on before they land. If you did manage to do this, you’d receive 2,500x your wager.

Practice play is the ideal intro to this game

If you already love Mah Jong, we think you’ll love the slot game version. It’s still best to try it first though if you can.

Play for real when you have the time

With 21 cents as the cheapest bet for all the lines to be in play, we think many players will find enough appeal in this one to carry on playing it.

Is there a chance of some mobile Mah Jong?

We don’t think so, given the age of this game it seems it will only appear in regular casinos and not mobile ones.