Orient Express Slots

The Orient Express is so famous, it seems that everyone knows about it. The famous train traveled thousands of miles across many countries, and we know Agatha Christie set a murder mystery on board too. But this slot game of that name doesn’t include a train, so what’s happening here? It’s time to find out.

Who created the game?

This is another entry into the collection owned by Wager Gaming.

It does give you the traditional demo

Yes, you can load those reels and see what you think without spending a single cent doing so. We suggest this is the ideal way to begin, too.

More about the Orient Express theme

Clearly, this slot does not have the theme you may have thought it did. It does give you an Oriental theme, but the famous train doesn’t feature.

Expect a dated design

Let’s be clear, though – it does plenty to catch the eye. There are tigers, warriors, gongs, and sacks of money involved, so there is a lot happening. One thing you shouldn’t expect is any kind of background.

How to play Orient Express online slots

This game presents us with five reels, but it doesn’t have a progressive prize to be won. It doesn’t offer a wild or scatter symbol either, so it is about as simple as you can get for a five-reel slot game.

How many lines are in this slot game?

There are 21 lines – an unusual quantity, but they are labeled around the reels.

Expect the usual coins from Wager Gaming

You may know these range from one cent to ten dollars, and those are the ones in use again here.

Oriental writing reveals the paytable

It appears over to the right of your screen. We suggest exploring that before playing the game, especially as there are no wilds or scatters in this slot.

No bonus in this game

There is no chance of finding anything like this in play.

Free spins haven’t been included either

We did say this was a simple game for a five-reel title…

No clue to the RTP

RTP is the return to player value, expressed as a percentage, but we didn’t see one for Orient Express slots.

Can we give this one a high rating?

Not a high one, no, but something around the region of six out of 10. It’s a neat game for those who desire simplicity from their five-reel slots. Once you realize the famous train is nowhere in sight, you might appreciate the theme more, too.

The red dragon holds the best prize potential

This could be worth up to 2,500x your bet… but you would need five dragons on a paid line to receive this prize.

Try Orient Express as a demo game today

You’ll see how it works and how simple it is. Will it offer enough to tempt you to switch to the real thing?

Where can you play for real?

We noticed the game doesn’t show up at all the Wager Gaming casinos online today, so check and see whether your chosen site has it to play.

Mobile access doesn’t happen for this one

Many early slots from this developer don’t have a mobile version. We’ve seen them updating other games though, so perhaps this might eventually make the list.