Coconut Grove Slots

Hmm, so… what might feel unusual about this slot game then? Coconut Grove has a tempting name, for sure, but what does it tell us about the game itself? We might expect something exotic, but what else might occur if we try it?

We already have, and we are bringing you the results of our explorations here. Sit tight for some answers.

Who came up with the idea for Coconut Grove slots?

This is a game from Wager Gaming, a name that could already be familiar for you.

It comes with a practice version if you’re curious

The slots from this developer typically do have demo versions if they don’t include a progressive jackpot, and this one doesn’t.

What’s the theme about?

If we said coconuts, would you believe us?! It’s a tropical theme really, but coconuts appear alongside some other tropical symbols.

A pleasant design with some basic elements involved

This gives you everything on one screen, so it’s a straightforward slot to get to grips with. It doesn’t take long to figure things out, and the symbols are all very clear and nicely designed, if a little basic.

How to play Coconut Grove slots

The game offers three reels, so it is on the smallest side of things. We know there is no jackpot here, but there are no wilds or scatters either. In fact, the only symbol that pays out of everything appearing in the game is the halved coconut with flowers around it. It looks like there’s a drink in there too…

The idea is that you can receive a prize for just one coconut icon landing anywhere, even if it’s not right on the payline. The other prize is paid for landing three on the payline.

Payline quantity is obvious

We think so, and with just the one to bet on, it’s a more affordable game than larger ones.

Speaking of bets…

This grove has several coins to look through, so consider which one to use before you begin. This is one reason why the demo is ideal to play first. The game also gives you a chance to play anything up to five coins per spin.

No need to hunt for the paytable

It isn’t tucked away in this slice of paradise – no, it appears to the right side of the set of reels.

Does Coconut Grove include a bonus?

No, there isn’t anything along these lines in the game.

You shouldn’t expect any free spins either

Not much else to say to you there.

RTP for Coconut Grove

We do not have the value for this, as it didn’t appear along with the game.

Our rating for this coconut-filled slot game

This is a simple three-reel game, for sure, but it has an unusual twist in that only the coconut symbols pay out. We’re ranking this one at 7/10 for the unusual factor, although we guess it could become too formulaic after a while.

What’s the highest reward available?

Finding three coconuts to fill the payline would give you anywhere between 500 and 2,500 coins. You’d receive 500 coins for each coin played on the line at the time the successful combo appeared.

Demo action is ideal to try

If you’re unsure whether you’d like this game, the best bet is to make sure you try it via the nearest Wager Gaming casino for you.

Try the real thing too if you like it

The real game is a delight to play for a change, although we guess it isn’t one to

play for long sessions. You can easily play with a low wager though, so lots of players should find this one accessible.

Can you visit the grove on a mobile device?

Check availability at the casino you are visiting to see whether you can find your way to the Coconut Grove on a tablet or smartphone.