Cutesy Pie Slots

The game is adorable and features a delightfully plump and cheerful panda that's present the entire time you play. If you like fat pandas, you're bound to enjoy Cutesy Pie. Besides the adorable panda, there isn't much to remark about with this game. It's simple. So simple that you can nearly tell what to expect just by glancing at the slot. Even before you spin, you'll know you're in for a standard classic slot experience.

Advanced Wagering Options for a Classic

For a single paylines classic, there are more wagering options than we expected. You can wager between one and three coins on the one payline. After you choose the number of coins to bet, you also get to determine what the coins are worth. The coins can be worth a minimum of $0.25 each and a maximum of $5.00 each. That gives you an effective range of $0.25 and $15.00 per spin while playing this game.

A Small Maxmimum Win

The biggest win you can achieve in a round while playing this is worth 2,500 coins. That's not much at all, but for the cost to spin, it's still exciting. The maximum win is worth up to $12,500, and that's a nice boost to most gamblers' bankrolls.

Heart and Bar Symbols Keep the Game Moving

On most of your spins, you'll win using BAR or heart symbols. A single heart symbol gives you a prize payout, and any combination of BAR symbols will trigger a prize. You'll start relying on these two types of symbols to keep money coming in, even though it's only going to be a small amount since the payouts for these symbols isn't much.

Enjoy Basic Autospins

You can press the 10x symbol to spin the reels ten grimes in a row if you don't feel like turning it yourself. This auto-spin feature allows you to go through short sessions without pressing a button. We like this feature, though the game would be better with a full-featured auto-spin button available.

Other than these simple features, there isn't much to this game. You don't get any bonus rounds, any wilds, or anything other than some scatters. Now, if you don't mind simplicity,, this game might be the right option. Spin the reels and hope for a matching set of symbols. That's all there is for you to do, and that's all for you to think about.