Rings and Roses Slots

Rings and Roses is a simple Microgaming creation that's designed to offer a classic slot feel to any gamblers that care about that sort of thing. If you want to play a slot that's easy and can be learned in moments, you can get started by taking a moment to test the game.

A Classic Appearance

From the first moment you try this game, you'll notice it has a classic design similar to most other classic slots. The majority of the symbols are BAR and seven symbols, but there are also bells and a wild logo symbol. Between these different symbols, they serve as all the different symbols and features of the game as you play.

Scattered BAR Symbols

The different BAR symbols serve as scatters in this game. Getting three of the symbols anywhere gives you a small win. These little prizes add up and can help you enjoy a more profitable gambling experience.

Wager up to Five Coins

When betting on a line for this slot, you can wager up to five coins per spin. Adjust the number of coins you're wagering to control how much money you're betting during each spin.

Enjoy Standard Prize Wins

Most of the prize wins for this game are small and basic. The lowest prize win is just five coins, but you can win as much as 6,000 coins from a single combination, and there are many prize payouts in the middle of those extremes. If you play this game, you're likely to win prizes worth tens or hundreds of coins rather than thousands.

Win up to $30,000

If you can get a total of three of the Rings and Roses logo symbols, you'll unlock a 6,000 coin prize payout immediately. This payout can be worth as much as $30,000, giving you a powerful reason to play the game.

Rings and Roses lacks the bonus features that most other online slot games offer today. It stands out because of its high-quality games and powerful customer support, as well as its simplicity. If you want a game you can learn to play fast, test this one for yourself.

Rings and Roses is entertaining, valuable, and a good resource for new online gamblers. Try it yourself and decide if it's worth joining or if you should move on.