Frost Bite Slots

Any slot game featuring blue as the main color theme is going to make you feel chilly. We guess that is appropriate when the name of the slot is Frost Bite. This is a smaller game than many others in the Microgaming collection, but it is a refreshing change from seeing similar games resorting to fruit.

So, grab a jumper, settle into a warm spot, and check out this game today. Will you give it a frosty reception, or will it be a winner for you?

Reels and paylines in this slot game

There are only three reels in this game, so you won’t be too surprised to realize it has just one line to place some bets on.

Can you play a selection of bets?

You can try betting one or two coins on the line if you wish. A two-coin bet opens the way for bigger prizes to be won if you do get lucky on the line. Each coin can be worth from a quarter to $5, so this does require a larger bet than you might have seen in other games.

Special icons appearing in Frost Bite

The most important icon to look for when playing Frost Bite is the game logo. This appears as a wild icon, replacing everything else in the game. Three on the line will secure either 800 or 1,600 coins as the one- or two-coin jackpot.

The wild also carries a variable multiplier with it. If one appears in a winning line, you would secure 2x the usual amount for that prize. If you get two wilds in a win, your multiplier on your prize will increase to 4x.

Are there bonuses to be won?

No, this game doesn’t include bonuses of any kind. You can get prizes whenever a single snowflake appears on the line though, so that is an easier prize to look for. Other than that, it is all down to the logo in the game to help you towards some bigger prizes.

Download and play the Frost Bite slot today

Frost Bite is a stunning-looking game given its simplicity. It is one of the most appealing three-reel slots we’ve seen from Microgaming. Ideal for playing in the winter months (or maybe to help cool you during a heatwave), we think this game is a nice addition to any list of favorite three-reel games.