Love Potion Slots

Love Potion Slots

Love Potion is a beautiful slot with a lush background and nicely drawn symbols that appear to be from an animated film of some sort. The slot is built to look good, and it does that better than anything else. That's not to say that this game has nothing to offer, but you probably won't decide to stick with it if you don't also admire its looks. Let's explore what the game offers and why you should care about it.

Mediocre Wagering and Prize Payouts

There isn't anything exceptional about the wagering limits of this game. The slot has nine paylines, and when betting on those lines, you can risk from $0.01 to $45.00 per spin. While the betting limits aren't that far apart, you can choose how much you spend per spin. The one nice perk of the betting system is that you can activate and deactivate paylines, which gives you complete control over your final wager value.

Besides the poor wagering limits, this game doesn't offer substantial prize payouts. The biggest win you can attain on a single line is worth 2,500 coins. With the maximum bet value set, you'll walk away with $12,500 on a huge win. This is decent but not amazing, considering you must wager $45 per spin to win that amount. Many other slots pay better top prizes than this one.

5x Free Spins

Gather up enough scatters, and you get ten free spins. During the free spins, any prizes you win are worth five times the average amount. This is when you can win huge prizes, and you'll wait for this bonus round to trigger each time you play the slot. The free spins feel the same as the classic game once you get a win with the boosted prize payout.

Pick Your Win Instant Prize Bonus Round

This slot's most exciting bonus feature is the pick-your-win style game you can trigger by getting two to five bonus symbols out simultaneously. Do that, and you get from two picks to five picks, along with an instant prize. Each choice you use gives you another instant prize, and when you have enough preferences, the prizes start stacking up.

If you like how this game looks as much as we do, you'll probably enjoy the bonuses enough to keep playing the slot. Try it out and see for yourself, but we enjoy Love Potion.