Polar Explorer Slots

In the virtual slots genre there are many different ploys at different location and time periods; some are interesting, some are bland, but some pull it off extremely well, so well in fact it pulls you into the game. Polar Explorer Slots is one of those kind of games. As you can tell by the title, the game takes place in the ice-cold north and you will not be able to forget this, because the games mascot figures is bundled up in a typical “polar explorer” outfit (if there ever was such a thing). With a top win of 5000 times per line and 25 pay lines that means winning is not just a chance, but most likely a regular occurrence. Polar Explorer Slots is filled with the typical game play you would expect from a virtual slot, but filled with several additional features making this game a hidden treasure in the cold world of slots.

Wilds and Scatters

Apart from the mascot figure and the delightful background, you may feel safe with the typical numbered icons on the reels. Some games customize each icon making a simple game more confusing, but Polar Explorer Slots keeps it straight forward with numbers and colors. However, two special symbols can make or break any game.

The wild symbol is illustrated as an explorer. You can assure yourself of this by matching the symbol with the game figure off to the side of your screen. The Explorer icon can replace any icon in the entire game besides the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol is depicted as a ship. After all, how can an explorer get up to the North Pole without a ship? The game pays left to right, but the ship symbol can pay in any direction and is generated randomly.

Bonus Features

As stated earlier, Polar Explorer Slots are filled with tons of bonus content. By collected a certain amount of ship symbols in a game, the player may earn various multipliers and special games like:

  • Explorer Feature
  • Discovery Feature
  • Hidden Treasure Feature (with free spins and extra money)

The Explorer and Discovery Features are imperative to the game play and supply a guilt-free rush of pure gaming addiction as the better you spin the more you may win.

Hidden Treasure is much like the previous two, but the chances of winning free spins or money is at a much higher rate. There's even a buffer zone! A buffer zone? Yes, if after 125 consecutive spins you don't get access to the special feature, the game will actually throw you into the special Hidden Treasure feature as a freebie.

A Great Discovery Awaits

Polar Explorer Slots offers the player a fun game with tons of features and potential to win tons of money. Though it might be a cold, it's your turn now to take your ship up to the north and discover your hidden treasure!