Casino Slots Deposit Bonus

This is a broad term - it tells us these bonuses come with a deposit, and we know they revolve around slots, but what else might them involve? Truth is that most casinos have several slot bonuses around, as they know lots of players prefer slots to anything else. Even if players check out the table games, video poker, and even live casino games, they're likely to play casino slots more than anything else.

This means the casino has an opportunity to treat its players to several slot game bonuses whenever they visit. We decided to offer more information here, so you can see what's involved without needing to research on your own.

Are there different types of casino slots bonuses?

Yes, but since we are looking at deposit bonuses here, these always involve you needing to make a deposit of some sort. You'll usually find a minimum deposit amount in play, so you need to deposit that amount or more to get the contents of the bonus.

There are two main bonuses you'll spot in this category:

A percentage bonus that tops up your deposit, i.e., 100% bonus or more

A free spin bonus where you make a deposit and receive some free spins to play with

If you claim a no deposit bonus for slots, you'll either get some bonus funds to play with or a few free spins. Some sites offer tiered bonuses for slots, depending on the size of your deposit. The same sometimes applies for free spins too, so you'd get more spins if you deposit more.

Do casino slots bonuses have wagering requirements?

Yes, it's rare to find a deal that doesn't have them. If you can find something like this, you'll usually see a limit to your winnings from using the bonus. With all other offers, you'll need to make sure you hit the wagering requirements. These could be for the bonus alone or for the bonus and the deposit added together.

Spot the lowest wagering multiplier you can get, since this offer is going to be way easier to complete than a higher multiplier. Compare 10x the bonus to 35x the bonus and you'll get the idea.