Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Get Ready to Grab Some Pharaoh’s Gold

The time of the Pharaoh’s was a thrilling time of drama – and you’ll get that same drama when you try your luck at the Pharaoh’s Gold slot game. It’s an easy to understand game that makes it perfect for beginners and ideal for those that love this kind of theme. Let’s get some more information on the game itself.

How many reels and paylines are there?

This is a three reel game that is designed to look a lot like a regular slots machine you might see in real life. However it also has three pay lines so you can see you’ve got more than one chance of lining up some winning combinations.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

The smallest amount you can wager is 5 cents, whereas the largest amount is $15. This makes the game just right for all kinds of budgets. The coin values vary from 5 cents to five dollars, so it is easy to see how much you are wagering at any one time.

Is there a bonus round in the game?

No, this game is a more basic one that focuses on giving a good ongoing gaming experience so there is no bonus round here.

Are there any special symbols to watch out for?

Yes the best paying ones are the Egyptian masks. Scarab beetles and snakes are also prize winning symbols if you get enough of them! You can also get different payouts depending on which of the three lines your symbols land on.

For example the best prize is given for three Egyptian masks, but you will get double the payout if you get them on the third line as opposed to the first or second lines.

Download and play Pharaoh’s Gold today for a thrilling experience!

There is no doubt that Pharaoh’s Gold is a stunning game that is a step up from the usual three reel casino games you find online today. The addition of extra paylines and the chance to win more on the third line instead of the others gives it an extra edge you are sure to love.

Download this game today and give it a try – it might just become one of your favorite slots games on the internet. Pharaoh’s Gold is full of Egyptian joy and thrills – and who knows, you could be the next big winner!