Bovada Red Room

Bovada Casino treats every player well. But, VIP players receive special pampering in Bovada Red Room. Players who get the invitation to join the Red Room experience several unique bonuses that make it one of the most valuable casino experiences ever.

Take a Trip

From time to time, Bovada Red Room hosts special events for VIP members. You might join Bovada in Vegas for a weekend getaway. They might extend an invitation to see the Superbowl in person. Even better, Bovada often pays for these events, so you'll just need to bring spending money.

Double Your VIP Points

Every player earns comp points when they play for real money. Red Room members earn double the points. If you earn 3 points on a $10 bet as a regular player, you'll find yourself with 6 points on that same $10 bet as a VIP at Bovada.

Earn Bigger and Better Cash Rewards

Red Room members earn better rewards. For example, after one deposit in about a month and a half, you get another bonus code that gives you a reload bonus. Make another deposit and get more bonus offers. You can get up to seven bonus offers per week as a VIP member.

When it comes to meeting the playthrough requirements, that's easier too. The requirements are lowered for VIP members.

Enjoy Easier Banking Options

Even banking is easier when you're a VIP member. Bovada members often have to pay fees on credit card deposits. That's not the case when you're a member of the Red Room. You avoid paying fees on your casino deposits. If you hate waiting for your money to arrive when you request a withdrawal, enjoy swift withdrawals that never charge a fee and get the money in your hand much faster.

Wait for Your Invitation

Bovada Red Room launched in 2012. It's only available by invitation. If you're a member of Bovada, keep playing. The more you play, the better your chances of gaining all the perks these VIP members enjoy. If you're not already a member, sign up today.