Bovada Casino Leaderboards

At Bovada Casino, you have several tournaments available. Play Blackjack or slots like A Night with Cleo Slots against others. If you climb to the top of the Bovada Casino leaderboards, you can win a flurry of cash.

Many of the matches at Bovada Casino are quick and easy tournaments that take no more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete. While the prizes aren't huge, you can win upwards of $20. The top three players get a prize.

It is possible to tie. If this happens in either the slots or Blackjack tournaments at Bovada, the winner is the person who had the most spins or played the most hands. If that is also a tie, the first person that hit the top of the Bovada Casino leaderboards gains the top spot.

How These Tournaments Work

You have to be a member of Bovada. If you're not, sign up and look over the promotions. If there are any appealing promotions, claim those when you make your first deposit. Once that's complete, head to the leaderboards and see what's about to start. When you find something appealing, click "join."

You have rules you must follow. Most games give you a specific number of spins or hands that you must meet/play before you qualify for the leaderboards. There are also minimum bets that have to be placed.

How Points Are Tallied

Once you meet the requirements, you'll earn points. Those with the most points make their way to the top of the Bovada Casino leaderboards. Points are tallied in this manner.

  • Each spin or hand that meets the requirements - 1 point
  • Any push in Blackjack - 2 points
  • Any win in slots or Blackjack - 5 points
  • Any slot win that's 10 times your bet or Blackjack - 10 points
  • Any win that is 20 or 50 times your slot bet - 25 points

In Blackjack matches, you do have the option to split hands. If you do this and both hands led to a Blackjack, you'd get 5 points for each hand. You'd end up with 10 points for that hand plus a point for meeting the minimum requirements for that hand.

To quickly climb the leaderboard, make sure you understand the requirements. Some players waste time figuring out what they're doing wrong. Don't join until you know the rules. If you have questions, the help desk is always available.

Now that you know the basics, it's time to start climbing the Bovada Casino leaderboards. You'll find a full schedule of matches. The right side of the leaderboards page shows the tournaments that are starting soon. This makes it very easy to join tournaments at Bovada.