The Spotlight Is On The Jackpots At Silver Oak Casino

We have always enjoyed the cool look of the Silver Oak Casino. With moving images scrolling past you on the home page, you don’t need to look far to find inspiration that will encourage you to join. Crewpon, stacked casino chips, great new games… you never know what will pop up next.

But if you look a little further down, there is a Jackpot Spotlight feature you’ll want to look at more closely. The figures are always changing as they are accurate and reflect the current jackpot totals available in these games. However, when we last had a look at the total amount on offer, it had gone beyond $1,443,042. That is a phenomenal figure. Wouldn’t it be amazing to win a slice of that?

You might do just that if you manage to play and win one of these slots. Silver Oak Casino has lots of progressive slots to choose from, after all. Three of them were highlighted in the Jackpot Spotlight section. Food Fight was top when we looked, with a jackpot worth $85,271 when we had a look. Next up was Rudolph’s Revenge on $68,883. In third place was Diamond Mine Deluxe – always a popular option – with $64,717 up for grabs. We wonder if anyone has won one of those by the time you read this? Check out the Jackpot Spotlight at Silver Oak Casino now to see which games have the most at stake.