All New Bovada Casino

Can you imagine Bovada Casino being any better than it already is? If not, you haven't visited recently! They've gone one better and made sure what was already a great site is now even better. The new design not only looks superb, it loads faster, so you won't be left waiting to play your favorite games. They've also taken the time to ensure the design is optimized for every device. It doesn't matter if you pick up your tablet or grab your smartphone to play these games, you can always count on the best design and responsive site to use.

Not all the changes are about the design though. We've explored the new-look site to see what else is in store, and we think you'll be delighted with the other improvements they've made too.

Fancy playing poker on the go?

Bovada Slots recognizes a lot of players want to do this. Now you can, thanks to the accessibility of their games and tournaments. If you've ever wanted to play on your smartphone or tablet but been unable to, that ends today. Bovada has access to all the most exciting poker games at their new site, and we think you'll love them.

Your account is more secure than ever

Bovada has always been at the forefront of digital security. They've proven this once again now, because they have introduced a new PIN feature to secure your account. Made up of four digits, you must input this to make any changes to your account or request a withdrawal of funds. Just another level of security to give you total peace of mind.

Want to bet during a sporting event rather than before?

Many people do. Maybe that's why the Bovada team has worked hard to add more betting lines into the mix. Live lines are always very popular, and now there are more than ever before. Sit back, relax, enjoy the game, and make live bets on the possible outcomes direct from your phone. Easy!

Bovada made better

Is that possible? We wouldn't have said so, but now we know Bovada Casino can indeed take things to the next level. Better security, a better mobile-friendly design, faster loading… you get all this and more when you dive into Bovada. Check it out now to see how much better it is.