Expedition Atlantis at Bitstarz

I know what you are thinking – Atlantis doesn’t exist. Well, you may be proven wrong on that count, as the top prize in this exciting new competition at BitStarz Casino is an all-expenses paid trip for two to the Atlantis Hotel. In case you didn’t know, that hotel is in the Bahamas! It may not be the fabled island you were thinking of, but you’ll get a chance to search for that too if you play the Expedition Atlantis event that has just got underway at BitStarz.

Running from September 3rd to October 16th this year (2018), you can explore no fewer than 40 different levels in this engaging competition. BitStarz has a sterling track record in promotions such as this. They’ve created a stunning map detailing each stop on the journey towards Atlantis. Where will you end up once the competition is over? Only one lucky player will scoop the top prize of that trip for two to the Bahamas, but there are many other prizes to be won as well.

To enter, you just need to play games at BitStarz. Choose the game you would like to play and progress to the next level in the competition. Every time you level up, you win a prize. This will be automatically credited to your account. The total prize pool is worth a huge €50,000, so there is plenty to play for. How far across the chain of islands in Expedition Atlantis could you go?

Join today if you are not already a member and discover the secrets of Atlantis in a whole new way!