5Dimes Bet Tracker App

Apps are essential for so many things in life today. It only makes sense that an app would be developed to help the serious gambler in finding the information needed to place bets on sporting events throughout the year.

The 5Dimes Casino Bet Tracker App is an app designed to work with both Apple as well as Android phones and mobile devices. It has been developed to provide gamblers with the information they need all in one easy to access and navigate app. This is an app that allows your 5Dimes account and the BetTracker to pair, allowing for instant transfer of bets to the app for easy display and management.

The advantage of adding BetTracker is the ability to get relevant wagering information in real-time. The app allows you to track bets by type, including moneyline, over and under as well as by the spread. The Pro membership also allows tracking of parlays and teasers.

Gamblers will be able to also see the current win/loss probabilities, any exposure alerts, player and game states as well as the schedules for all major sporting events. This, combined with the ability to place bets at 5Dimes and monitor them on the app makes this a winning combination.