The New Pixiu Slots

Imagine a bonus slot where you pick your prize. That's what Pixiu Slots offers all players. Get three bonus symbols and choose free spins, an instant cash prize, or a chance to win cash in an interactive pick 'em game.

This three-reel bonus slot has five pay lines and plenty of impressive prizes. The biggest prize comes with the red dragon. The amount you win depends on the level you're at. Every 25 spins bring you to the next level, peaking at level 4. As your level climbs, the value of the payouts and bonus prizes also increases.

Pixiu also has three progressive jackpots that are awarded randomly to lucky players. Play often and cross your fingers that the computer picks you for one of these jackpots. Cash Grab Slots , Mystery, and Super Slots grow with every real money bet, but don't be surprised to find the worth thousands or tens of thousands when a winner is chosen.

If you love bonus video slots like License to Spin, Zimba and Friends Slots , or Chef Wars slots, don't miss this one. Pixiu slots is fun to play and incredibly rewarding. Find it today at leading casinos.