Pixiu Slots

Pixiu slots takes stunning graphics and blends them into a three-reel game that's addicting. Each spin moves you a step closer to the next level. Each level dishes out bigger and better prizes. The longer the play, the higher you climb.

How the Levels Work

Each spin you make advances you towards the next level. After 25 spins, you'll move on. As you climb, the prizes increase to these maximum payouts. The Q and K pay 10 coins for three matches. The A pays 20 coins. The jade ring pays 30 coins. The Phoenix pays 40 coins. The hawk pays 100 coins.

There are two dragons. The blue dragon pays 1,000 coins. The red dragon is special. You win a prize with just one red dragon on a pay line. It pays 2, 5, or 1,000 coins for one, two, or three dragons on a line.

There's One More Symbol

There's one more symbol in Pixiu slots. If you get three of the bonus coins, you're taken to a new screen. Pick your bonus prize. You can claim 10, 15, 20, or 25 free spins (depends on the level you're on). If that's not to your liking, take a cash prize that's worth hundreds of dollars. If that's still not good enough, there's an interactive game.

In the interactive bonus game, you feed coins to Pixiu. Keep feeding him until you find the stopper. There are a total of eight coins, so you can earn a lot of cash.

All That's Left to Do is Your Wager

To play Pixiu slots, decide if you want to bet on one, a few, or all five of the lines. From there, you can bet up to $200 per spin. You can turn on autoplay or spin the reels. If you choose autoplay, select up to 50 spins. There are options to speed up the reels if you like fast reels. If not, you can also slow them down. Try it out. We're sure this is a slot you'll love.