Penguin City Slots

Don't you just love the sound of Penguin City? Whatever you are thinking of when you load this game, we doubt you are prepared for the sight of several penguins squawking their way towards you. Yggdrasil has had some fun with this one, and we think you might do as well. We are obviously taken to Penguin City itself for the gameplay, and we see ourselves outside a stall or building of some kind. You can see the roof over the top of the five reels.

On those reels, we see a series of food-related items. Yes, this is not a game to play if your stomach is rumbling. Best take care of that first before you play. one advantage of playing the game is that it gives you the chance to win both ways. So, your prizes could be coming at you more often than you might think.

Penguin City has a fiery wild popping up now and then, and there is also a Penguin Escape Mode to try and unlock. This takes you inside a kitchen for the next part of the game, and it looks like a lot of fun. There is also a Stacked Emperor Wild (the emperor penguin, of course), and the onus here is certainly on entertainment. While the Penguin Escape Mode is the only real bonus you can win, we think you will love it when you see what it involves. Don't miss this treat from Yggdrasil today.