Jester Spins Slots

Red Tiger has developed a few nice games that bring a lot of appeal into the slot game world. So, does their new effort called Jester Spins continue that idea? You will see a jester’s hat complete with bells and bright colors to introduce the game, along with its title. But you won’t see anything else until you load the game. Once you have done that, you will see this is a 3 x 3 slot game. The number of lines isn’t obvious, but we can reveal there are five.

The first thing you will notice is the presence of fruit – lots of fruit – on the reels. They’ve been well-designed though, so although you will have seen all this before, it manages to look fresh and inviting here. That jester’s hat makes an appearance too, as you might suppose it would. If you see it appearing anywhere during play, watch and see how many you find. If you find three, you will score some Jester Spins. That is where the title comes from, of course.

You will score a certain number of Jester Spins depending on how you progress through the feature. If you manage to find another two jester hats during the Jester Spins, as much as 50x your bet will be paid to you. If you can find three, you will get up to 500x your bet to enjoy. Wow, wouldn’t that make it worthwhile to try spinning this set of reels?