Double Tigers Slots

Why should we be impressed with tigers, you might ask? Look at the image for the Double Tigers slot from Wazdan and tell us you don’t feel the same. That is a cool image, with a fiery tiger leaping towards the screen and a blue icy tiger doing the same. There is a yin-yang symbol in the title itself too, so perhaps that suggests something else about this game.

We have yet to understand what that is though, because this game is just about to be released. We hadn’t been able to play it prior to writing our news item here, so we must wait to learn more about it. Suggestions made about the slot indicate it might be a 3 x 3 one, but this looks too dramatic to be a standard three-reel game.

Has Wazdan got something up their sleeve for this one? With the chance to see an Asian theme and to experience some drama courtesy of those tigers, you never know what will appear next in the Double Tigers slot game.