Space Lilly Casino Promotions

Getting started at a new online casino is always a bit overwhelming, and it’s tough trying to decide on the right spot to begin playing. That’s why it’s so exciting when you stumble across a true gem of a casino with promotional offers that are worth taking up. From the moment that you join up with Space Lilly casino, you’ll enjoy some top level offers that will help you build your balance with free money while playing some of your favorite slot games in the process.

The Explorer Welcome Package

New players just getting started at Space Lilly will be eligible for the Lilly’s Explorer Welcome Package. This special offer gives players up to $1,000 in free cash over the course of three separate deposits. The only thing they need to do to qualify for this special offer is to join the casino and complete three deposits and gamble with that money. Once they’ve gambled enough players will receive the free bonus money deposited right into their accounts. It’s as simple as that and that’s not even the end of the bonus. New players will also receive up to 200 free spins in the welcome package. The spins are to some of the top slot games offered at the casino and they don’t require any sort of real-money wager to make use of.

Space Lilly’s Adventurer Welcome Package

New players can also qualify for the special Adveturer package from Space Lilly. This package offers up to $1,000 in free bonus money and comes with a very small 2x wagering requirement that any gambler can get through with ease. Consider making use of this very easy promotion and enjoy your money faster and with more ease. It’s designed for use with your first three deposits and is a simple option for gamblers that want their bonus money sooner.

Take Part in Lilly’s Treasure Hunt

Long term players can enjoy some exceptional promotional offers as well, which is something that every gambler should know about Lilly. There’s a special program in place called Lilly’s Treasure Hunt. This special offer rewards players that complete additional deposits into their account on a daily basis. Do that and receive up to 240 free spins per week as well as special Lilly Coins that can be used for different prizes and special offers.

A Powerful Casino VIP & Loyalty Program

Long term players can qualify for the Space Lilly VIP program and unlock a range of special bonus offers that make playing at the site more worthwhile as time goes by. The VIP program is for serious gamblers that want to make the very most of their time with Space Lilly. To get into the VIP program you either need an invitation from the casino, or you need to be a member for at least a month with a balance of $20,000 or greater. From there you can unlock special cashback offers, faster withdrawals, a special account manager just for you, customized promotions offered to just VIP members, priority when you need help and special free cash tokens for additional wagering.

Contact Lilly for Additional Help and Information

If after reading about all the special promotions being offered by Space Lilly casino you still have more questions that you want answered about any of these programs. Visit the casino website or contact the casino yourself. Either way, you can get a whole lot of information about the casino and what it offers with ease.