Week 16 Round Up

Easter is late this year, but it doesn’t mean we are going to miss out on any new slot game action. Far from it – with 15 new games to check out, we’ve been looking at some exciting titles coming to a casino near you real soon. Will any of these titles start to spark your interest?

Meet Wilhelm Tell from Yggdrasil

Wilhelm Tell… or William Tell? It is one and the same character, of course, and he appears with his bow and arrow in this slot game from Yggdrasil. The wild is shown as a nervous boy tied to a tree with an apple on his head – sound familiar? The free spin icon is in silver and is labeled, making it easy enough to see if it should appear on those reels. Various other characters might also pop up as you play the game.

If three of those free spin icons should appear in a game, you get the chance to choose one of three free spin options. This will be either 10, five, or just one free spin. As you might guess, you will get a multiplier with your choice – equating to either x5, x10, or a massive x50 multiplier in the case of just one free game. Which one will you choose? Play for a while and you might get the chance to choose them all with a few triggers of this round.

The game includes a Wild Nudge feature that gives you the chance to score a prize if the tall wild doesn’t fully appear on its reel. It will be nudged upwards to complete the reel if doing so would guarantee you a prize. As such, there are a couple of neat features in this game that make it a sure bet for a try. There is a demo too, so you needn’t spend a cent to check it out.

There is a Rich Geyser in this new Plank Gaming slot!

A geyser is a natural phenomenon that sees mud or water shot out from the ground at high pressure. Geezer, on the other hand, is a slang term for a man. So, what should we make of the Rich Geyser slot, which seems to put the two together in an unusual way?

For starters, we can confirm this game has a 5 x 3 format that delivers an oil-based theme. That makes sense of the geyser aspect of the title. The first image also reveals the geezer of the title, which we guess is the guy who owns the land where all the oil is hiding. This game makes the best of the oil-based theme too, giving us Gushing Wilds that come into play in re-spins, with Moving Wilds contributing to the appeal. One screenshot reveals you might be fortunate to find several wilds on the screen at once. Those re-spins could be good news, don’t you think?

Another perk of playing this slot is that all the symbols can appear in stacks on all the reels. Get a few matching stacks and things could get interesting! Oil cans, stock prices, and the man himself all appear on these reels as well. The wilds replace everything else you might see, and with two or more in view you will get the re-spin bonus. With 10 lines in play, the Rich Geyser slot will no doubt attract some fans this week.

Enjoy a Gold Slam from Stake Logic

What does Gold Slam mean, we wonder? It doesn’t provide too many clues, especially since the first image for the title of the game reveals nothing other than some golden wording. Progressing to the game itself reveals it to be a 5 x 3 slot that looks like a standard slot machine. By that, we mean it has lots of fruit on the board and the appearance of the same reels.

Your task is to get three or more matching icons on a line to deliver a prize. There are nine available paylines, with fruit, bar symbols, and sevens to look for. There is a wild in play, telling us just that, and it gives you a Wild Chance feature whenever three wilds show up on the middle reel. If this should occur, the middle reel could potentially move to another position… or perhaps not. You never know, and we guess that makes this slot more appealing when compared to a standard fruit-filled slot.

The Mariachi 5 greet us from Real Time Gaming

Skeletons pop up in numerous slot games, delivering anything from a freaky to a fun experience when they do. We are erring on the side of fun here, with the five skeletons who make up the Mariachi 5 in this new RTG slot game. Each one is represented by a different color and instrument, so things look entertaining just from the title image.

We get five reels set against a colorful street scene in this game, with each Mariachi potentially popping up on the reels too. All the controls are situated under the reels, so you can easily adjust how you want to play. WILD is the image shown for the wild icon, so you might get some benefit from that. Add in a pinata horse and you can see there is much to watch out for on those reels.

If you manage to trigger the game’s feature, you will see that each Mariachi band member has their own treat to offer you. You can only choose one, of course, with each one offering a different quantity of spins with a wild multiplier in play. Will you go for more spins and a lower multiplier or opt for the other way around?

There is nothing too complex to worry about in The Mariachi 5. It is a great example of how vibrant and entertaining games from RTG can be though.

Play’n Go deliver the new Phoenix Reborn slot game

The phoenix is a legendary bird that is said to burst into flames and then rise from the ashes. So, the Phoenix Reborn title makes a lot of sense. The game itself shows us a temple and some other characters in the foreground, so everything looks suitably dramatic on this occasion.

There is a Phoenix Flames feature that involves the wild phoenix expanding over the reel it appears on whenever it pops up. If you manage to progress through to the free spins feature, you will end up with at least one phoenix expanded wild on a reel in each spin. Maybe more than one. The free spins are triggered by the scattered sun icon appearing in gold. Three, four, or five of those will bring you seven, 12, or 20 free games. More are on offer for just two or more scatters during any free game, too.

The game has five reels, but each one can adopt six icons on it. Watch out for snakes, toucans, exotic symbols, and much more besides too. You can scoop up to 5,000x your bet in this game, so watch out for some awesome gameplay as you get to grips with this new Phoenix Reborn slot game.

Dragons of the North are flying into action courtesy of Pariplay

We have dragons in plural here, and you will see four dragon heads, either breathing fire or showing off their sharp teeth, in the introductory image for this game. Just as there are four dragons, so there are four jackpots on offer too. We all know there are long odds on scooping one of those, but it is nice to know they are present, nonetheless.

Stacked symbols can come into play in the Dragons of the North slot as well. Better yet, they can include the wild symbol, which appears as the word in gold over a brown background. You will notice various messages appear above the reels in this game. For example, it might say jackpot above one reel and free spins above another. The idea is to get a golden dragon’s egg to land on a reel. If that occurs, you will end up winning the prize for that reel. It could be a credit prize, depending on what is shown there. This egg is wild as well, replacing everything else you might encounter. That egg is good to spot, wouldn’t you say?

Blueprint Gaming is on an Irish Frenzy

Have we seen enough Irish-themed games to get our fill of them? Blueprint Gaming doesn’t think so, as they have come up with an Irish Frenzy slot for us to check out. A four-leaf clover appearing alongside the title image reveals that luck will be involved here, but what else do we know?

We know the game has five reels and there is a chance to buy your way into the feature if you don’t want to wait to get there the traditional way. There is a leprechaun involved on the reels, and 10 lines for us to play on. Watch out for the pot where a rainbow can be seen. This scatter symbol must appear three, four, or five times for you to secure 10, 15, or 20 free spins to play. The leprechaun appears as a wild icon during those games, so it would be good to spot him if you can. There is also a chance to collect those pots of gold for some additional wins, so maybe this game will send you into a frenzy… you never know.

Genii wants you to get involved in their Monte Carlo Heist

We all know what a heist is, and we know the famous Monte Carlo… so what does this game promise us? It certainly looks as if a heist is going on, thanks to the armored car, the bags filled with money, and the suspicious-looking people getting involved in this game. A woman wearing headgear and a microphone is the wild, expanding to fill the reel she appears on if she can net more wins for you by doing so.

Only the scatter can’t be replaced by that wild. This is the man wearing dark glasses. He must appear three times to trigger the bonus. This is called Pick a Prize. You get one, two, or three picks depending on how you trigger the game. Not only can you unlock this from the main game, you can also unlock it from inside the free spins. You will need three, four, or five safes to unlock nine, 12, or 18 free spins. Add in 40 paylines and you’ll see the Monte Carlo Heist could be a good game to check out.

Around the Reels in 80 Wilds… the best title yet from Gamesys?

The title of this slot game is clearly based on Around the World in 80 Days, but the promise of 80 wilds got our interest flowing long before we even made that connection. Three characters appear in the title image, but it tells us very little else about this intriguing game.

After some research, we can reveal this new game boasts five reels and 25 lines to bet on. You can also expect Phileas Fogg to show up, just as he did in the original story. Watch out for the bonus symbol, as this is where things get interesting. Three or more of those will trigger the bonus with seven free games to play. The idea is to see if you can get around the world in the bonus. This is achieved by collecting lots of wilds. There are various destinations to hit on the way, with more wilds taking you to each new location, from London through to Paris, Cairo, and more, and hopefully eventually returning to London to complete the journey.

There is a chance to strike more free games as you play the bonus, which every player will no doubt try to do. How close will you get… and will you manage to complete your journey and scoop as many wilds as possible to get there?

More dragons are in store in Age of Ice Dragons from Kalamba

The title screen of this slot game from Kalamba looks impressive for sure. There is an ice-filled landscape and if you look closely you can see some dragons flying around. This is a five-reel game, but it offers a 3-4-3-4-3 format to switch things up a bit. You will notice three golden spaces above the first, third, and fifth reels too. So, this is far from your average five-reel slot, even at first glance.

Gems appear alongside male and female characters when you begin spinning the reels. There is a golden wild that may appear on an entire reel if you manage to collect enough of them, and a chance to select a mission to play too. Yes, there are four missions in the game, each potentially resulting in bigger prizes. Choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. You can select a new mission if you wish, and if so, the progress you have made towards any previous missions will be saved. The dragon bonus icon will need to appear three times to award you 10 free games. You can also watch for an extra free spin icon to appear – each one that does show up will award one more free game.

Yet another slice of dragon action in Sakura Dragon from Playson

Dragons appear to be the chosen theme of the week, since we have another one here, this time from Playson. The title suggests this will be an Oriental slot, and the appearance of various characters and flowers does bear that out. The game offers a simple five-reel, three-row format, with the usual Playson controls set out at the bottom of those reels. You will be playing on 15 fixed paylines here.

The flower is the wild icon, and the temple in its beautiful setting is marked as the bonus. The game also has a wild feature, where the dragon may wind its way across the reels to deliver more wilds for you. This can occur more often if you manage to secure the free spin bonus. One or two dragons can appear in this feature, but it always occurs at random. It does give you something else to look for though. If the dragon does appear (or if they both appear), the wilds that appear will be dropped at random too.

You will notice the wild can appear on every reel except for the first one. Meanwhile, three, four, or five bonus icons will bring you eight, 12, and 20 free games. As such, Sakura Dragon delivers some excellent features within a fixed-payline game.

Green Tube introduces us to some Sparkling Fruit

How would you like to play another fruity game this week? Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes a game like this one. Sparkling Fruit lives up to its title by including lots of fruit on a mega game screen measuring 8 x 7. You may also see some gems popping up – that’s the sparkling part of the title.

Rather than spinning reels here, you must swap two adjacent symbols to perform a move in the game. If you match three or more identical symbols, they disappear from the board and replacements drop in from above.

The fruit don’t count for anything in this game, though. The winning symbols are the ones that appear on the paytable. These are the gems. You must either blow up one of these gems or match it with other symbols that are identical in color. These are the only ways to win prizes from those symbols. This game is likely to take a while to get used to as it does not qualify as a slot game. However, if you like the bigger slots where you must match symbols in a group to qualify for a prize, this one could be the next natural step to take.

Gamshy comes up with the Western Barn slot

There are some strange characters appearing in this Western Barn, and there are no prizes on offer for guessing the Western theme in evidence in this new Gamshy title. Expect to see a well-dressed rhino and a frog who might just run his own bar in this game. Once you are over that little surprise, you can get on with spinning the five reels of this game.

The Wild West setting is replicated in and around those reels, with a bar in the background and a wooden structure on which the reels will appear. All the icons drop from above and fall out of the frame below, and there are various bonus features you might end up triggering when you play too. You might just get to see the frog at the bar, offering you a choice of bottles. How far up that shelf could you go to trigger a prize?

With several neat features to shoot for and a nice theme that is presented well, you will certainly have a good time getting to grips with the Western Barn slot game from Gamshy.

Magic 6 Stars is a new release from Wazdan

From that title, you might guess the game has six reels – yet another example of how the six-reel slot is coming to the fore this year. You can also expect to see 20 paylines in action if you try Magic 6 Stars today.

Various stars of all kinds of colors appear on those reels as you begin to play. you will get the task of trying to match enough of them to deliver a prize. If you like gamble rounds, there are up to seven levels to be played to try and double your winnings each time. We don’t personally use these features, but if you like them, it is good to know you have a star pick gamble feature to check out here.

There are wilds and scatters in this game, and both are shown as multicolored stars. There is no need to be concerned over telling them apart though, as they are both labeled with the appropriate word. To secure some free games, three or more of the appropriate stars will be needed. You will receive between 10 and 25 games depending on how many stars you discovered.

Stake Logic unlocks the Wild Genie and the Three Wishes slot game

You would expect a genie to appear on the title image for this game, and you will get just that to look at as the game loads. This game makes the most of its theme, delivering free spins for collecting three different lamps on the reels. These appear in different colors, so you will require a red, a green, and a blue one to trigger the feature.

The genie can also make your wishes come true, thanks to his power to offer you one of the four features residing inside the game. Each one brings you a guaranteed win, which sounds even better, don’t you think? There are also reel modifiers to shoot for, making things more interesting with each spin. You never know what might happen or who might show up next. With a magic carpet flying to your aid as a wild symbol, could Wild Genie and the Three Wishes be a wish come true for you?

Which game are we going to pick as our favorite for the week?

That is a big question, but we already know the answer. It must be the one we just reviewed – the Genie game from Stake Logic. There are enough special features in this one to appeal to every player, making each spin more exciting and giving you lots to look forward to.

Do you agree, or do you have another game this week that looks better than most? Let us know.