Pala Casino Online

One of the key things we always look for when exploring the potential of a casino is a rewards program. Pala Casino offers one of these, and there is plenty of information on this on their website. The scheme is called Pala Privileges, which sounds cool and is relevant too, since it brings you lots of privileges you can enjoy. Even better is the fact you will be enrolled in the program the moment you sign up to this casino.

Whenever you make any real money bets while using Pala Casino, you will earn Status Points. These are also referred to as SP or SPs. However, you also earn Reward Points (yes, you guessed it, these are also called RP or RPs). As you amass Reward Points, you can check out their Points Store and spend them in there.

The basic program is the Privileges program, but there are different levels with this. For example, you can move through Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and Elite Privileges levels. The higher you go, the more bonus Reward Points you will earn for each Status Point you earn. It sounds confusing but it’s easier to understand once you’re earning them. You begin by getting four RP for every SP, and if you hit the top level you’ll increase this to 10 RP for every SP you earn. You’ll be amazed how many appealing bonuses there are if you join Pala Casino online, so why not check it out today?