Gambling Apps

If you live in the US, use an Android device, and you like to play some online games, there’s good news for you from Google. At present, players from only four countries get access to gambling apps for Android devices via the Google Play Store. Those living in the UK, Ireland, France, and Brazil are the fortunate ones.

Yet players in the United States are soon going to join them, along with those in 14 other countries. That list of countries includes several notable ones too, such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, along with several in Europe.

When will the apps appear for residents of those countries?

Google Play will begin displaying the apps in the relevant stores on March 1st. While this is great news and will no doubt be well received by those in that list of countries, the same rules won’t be applied everywhere.

As you are no doubt aware, gambling rules and regulations vary from one country to another. They also vary between states in America. So, while the news is certainly welcome and will see a relaxation of the apps allowed in the Google Play Store, there are caveats. Or as Google puts it, these apps are ‘allowed with limitations’ – meaning app creators must make sure they adhere to all the legalities in their region or area.

What could the apps include?

Google lists several categories for apps, each one appearing alongside a list of permitted states. For example, online casino game apps are fine for players residing in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, while those in Nevada can only access poker games. Those living elsewhere in the US still won’t be able to download apps that include those games.

They’ve got similar lists of states for sports betting, lotteries, and daily fantasy sports, so those in some states are going to see this as good news. Meanwhile, those living elsewhere are going to see little change in the apps they can download from the store.

Will this be better news for some countries than others?

Clearly, the degree of change seen after March 1st is going to depend on which country you’re in and how your laws work. Some countries are more lenient than others.

For example, those in Pennsylvania, US could soon get access to online casino games, sports betting, and lotteries. Meanwhile, those in California won’t see any change, as their laws do not permit any of the above gambling to take place.

So, will we see a flood of new gambling apps for US players on March 1st?

We’re interested to learn the answer to that. We suspect it might be a while before the first apps crop up, as Google has a strict application process for all developers to adhere to, regardless of niche or topic.

It does mean that only those living in areas that can legally access such apps are going to see them when they become available. It just depends on how long that process is going to take. But from March 1st, the Google Play Store could well see a few apps that would never have made it there before.