Happiest Christmas Tree by Habanero

Happiest Christmas Tree Slots

We know what you are probably thinking. What does a happy Christmas tree look like? Maybe one that has been decked out with decorations and lights - much like the one that appears in the first image we see to promote the Happiest Christmas Tree Slots slot from Habanero? Maybe so, and this image is certainly enough to make us want to know more about this game. Will it be a happy one to play this festive season?

The game looks festive from every angle. Five reels, 40 paylines, a snowy scene behind those reels, and lots of great elements on them make for a fun slot to play. You'll see drums, baubles, a nutcracker, and bells on the reels among other things. The wild is labeled and appears as the top of the Christmas tree. And if you look above the reels, you will see four jackpot amounts waiting to be won.

Happiest Christmas Tree is a delight to play, offering you an opportunity to win some free games too if you are feeling lucky. The game certainly feels festive, rolling out all the familiar icons you could hope to see on the reels. It may not offer anything unusual, but sometimes that doesn't matter. The point of the Happiest Christmas Tree is to provide a classic feel that goes through all the symbols and the gifts piled up under that tree. And at Christmas, what more could you ask for? The Happiest Christmas Tree is available to play online now.