New Horizons in Skill-based Card Games With VR Casinos

It is amazing how fast technology is evolving and how innovative and new products are now available for online casinos to incorporate into their games. In the past revolutionary trends such as offering streaming live dealer games, the interactive 3-D slot games, and even the ability to play a wider range of specialized games just for online play all added to what players can enjoy.

The Future is Here

However, players can now expect, at least in the next 5 to 10 years, more of a transition from the two-dimensional types of online casinos to the truly immersive and completely interactive virtual reality (VR) casinos.

There are a small number of these virtual reality casinos and games now online, and they are becoming increasingly popular for players from countries where these casinos are allowed.

Unlike traditional online casinos, a VR casino is more like one of the role-play games where players assume a character and then move through the casino in a VR world. Everything is designed down to the last detail, allowing you to take a virtual seat at the blackjack table and interact with the online casino system and with other players and casino staff.

The Gaming Difference

While there will be the traditional casino table games, slots, and card games, there will also be some very new additions. Changes in the gaming laws in states like Nevada have opened up the door for variable payoffs rather than constant payouts, allowing for wagering on skill based types of games.

This means that the new card games and interactive video components of these hybrid, multiplayer games will allow players with skill mastery to win bigger and to progress based on their skill.

However, it won't just be your typical poker, blackjack or Pai Gow game, instead, these new VR casino card games will have a true "game" component where players have to find hidden treasures, unlock keys and to beat the game itself, rather than to compete directly with other players.

The Social Component

Today, online casino play is rather isolated and lacks the ability to experience a true casino feel to time spent online. As this feeling of connection with other players is a key element in today's virtual reality video games, this will also be an essential element of the new hybrid VR card games and slot games of the future.

This can make it easy for casinos to offer almost a dual type of experience. Social players there for the games can choose that experience, while the more serious gamblers will have access to an enhanced VR version of their favorite traditional online wagering games.