Advantages To Playing Ways To Win Slots

Lots of people have taken up playing these Slots , providing numerous ways to win rather than set paylines. There are significant advantages to playing these as well, although paylines are still good to bet on as well.

Here are the main three advantages you can look forward to.

You can win lots more ways on each spin

A standard five-reel slot with three rows of icons will often present you with 10, 15, 20, or 25 paylines. But that same layout will present you with 243 ways to win if that method of calculating prizes is used. That means you will see far more win ways on each spin.

Your total bet is likely to be lower even though you are covering more win ways

One interesting thing to note about these slots is that you cannot choose which win ways you will activate. If the slot offers 243 ways to win, you will get an opportunity to win on them all on each spin.

The software developer will require a bet of several coins on each spin. This would usually be 20 or 30 coins in this instance. So, you choose your coin value and multiply it by the number of coins you need to bet. And that’s it – all the possibilities are covered for an affordable bet each time. It might cost just 20 cents to play with 243 ways to win.

Every possible combination of winning outcomes is covered

Do you ever get frustrated when you get a combination that looks like a winner, only to find it doesn’t occur on one of the paylines a slot is offering? That has happened to us a few times. We’ve been ready to celebrate, only to find there is no need to.

You won’t experience this when you play ways to win slots. Since every possible winning combination is valid, you can be sure you won’t miss out on anything. The one rule to remember is that all matching symbols must appear on consecutive reels. So, if you had the same symbol on reels one, two, three, and five, you would get a three-icon win for the first three symbols.

You can probably see how advantageous it is to play these way wins slots. No wonder they have proven to be very successful since they were introduced. We often prefer these over paylines – do you?