Betsoft Gaming Unleashes Brand New Shift Platform

We've gotten used to high-quality 3D gaming in recent years, and Betsoft has been at the leading edge of this. Now, they have announced a new development in their aims to continue at the forefront of new technology, with the release of a new platform called Shift.

This uses HTML5 technology, thereby ensuring all Betsoft's slot games built from this moment on will use the platform. The games will also make the best of HTML5 to provide the best gaming experience for every player.

How does Shift work?

Shift has been designed to run in conjunction with any browser. This means it doesn't matter how players access the games - there won't be any need to download Flash from Adobe to use any or all games by Betsoft going forward. Since Adobe is going to stop providing support for Flash, this platform was an essential step in the right direction to continue providing user-friendly gaming.

What about old games?

If you like Betsoft games, you'll know they have lots of great titles already designed to work with Flash. However, there is no need to worry you will lose access to those games. Betsoft has begun to go through its back catalog to make the necessary changes. These changes will ensure all old games will continue to work on the new Shift platform. Additionally, players who use older machines will still be able to play the existing games in their existing format, thereby ensuring all Betsoft fans will be happy.

Betsoft has made a name for itself in the world of true 3D gaming. The announcement of this new platform makes it clear the company is doing everything it can to retain its position as one of the best software providers out there today. If you love slots, it's hard not to find one or two favorites among Betsoft's collection.

Even more thrilling is the knowledge all new games will be built using this innovative platform. Betsoft is set to remain at the cutting edge of new gaming technology, and that means developing their Slots3 collection of games further. This news can only be a good thing for the future of Betsoft and their fans. With 180 games created and counting, we look forward to reporting on the upcoming new releases using the new platform. Watch and wait to see how this improves the Betsoft offering still further.