Game of Kings Slots

Finally, something to kiss Cleopatra´s Slot´s ass goodbye, because Game of Thrones has come to the Slots!! Well… at least it is a look-a-like copy named Kings of Slots. Very hard to find just by Googling it, but here you get to know where to test it for free and play it to win. And this is certainly a slot game you want to try out, not only for its awesome tune song but for its mouth watering promotions. Check it out .

Theme and Game Play

Game of Kings Slot theme focuses on characters that look very much like the ones of Game of Thrones. But what really connects to the TV series is the soundtrack, hands down they got me with a nice somewhat version of the Violins from the opening credits of Game of Thrones. It definitely hooks the player into the game with its fast game play. As the name implies the houses of the Kingdom battle for power, that translates into winning hands and if you are cunning enough, the Jackpot.

Characters and Symbols

Like any other slot game the symbols here go from 9 to A, and these give out payouts from 5 to 250 coins. On the characters side, you got the Witch and the Queen. They each require 3 matching symbols on the pay line you select with payouts of 20 to 500 coins.

On the other hand the King and the Prince are far more valuable, with only a pair you win. The prince is a scatter symbol, meaning he acts like a joker and can match any other type of symbol. That makes the payouts from the prince a little lower than that of the King, around 2 to 200 coins. But he has an upside. The Prince can trigger a bonus feature that gives you 3 free spins. Learn how to trigger this on the bonus section.

But what would a nation be without an Evil King? Get a pair together of the evil king and earn from 5 to a staggering 5,000 coins. So if a bad King can do this, what can the Good King do? Get a pair of the King and gain from 8 to 8,000 coins. It pays to be good… at slots.

Bonus Features

Game of Kings has a hidden bonus stage. Throughout the symbols there are a few golden shields. Get three of these on the pay line and activate the bonus feature. Here you will choose to attack the rival kingdom with a naval fleet, a catapult or an assassin (I almost wish it where Arya Stark). Select correctly and you will be victorious with 50 times of what you placed on the bet.

The Prince scatter is your passive money maker, he keeps your winnings steady by acting as a joker. But his true power comes when you get him on the pay line at least 3 times by delivering you 5, 8 or even 12 free spins. You can choose how many spins and this is where you can turn rags to riches… The extra spins comes with a multiplier factor, but the more spins you select it decreases. So 12 spins could either be beneficial or not so much. All are sure gains, but if you play it well you could end up into a frenzy battle of Good King vs Evil King and more Prince scatters that could re-trigger the spin feature. At the end of the bonus your earnings could be dozens of times more from your initial bet.

  • Five free spins come with multipliers of 4x (one wild) and 16x (two wilds).
  • Eight free spins come with multipliers of 3x (one wild) and 9x (two wilds).
  • Twelve free spins come with multipliers of 2x (one wild) and 4x (two wilds).

The Jackpot is the cherry of the cake. To win it though you need to wager like a High Roller, for you can only earn the chance of winning it by playing with all 25 lines at the same time. So if you are feeling that hunch, that this is your lucky day, go for the Golden Throne and bet hard.

Where to Play?

As mentioned earlier, Game of Kings can be a Little hard to find on the web. A good respectable casino I would suggest to play it on would be GTBets . Here you can play it for real money and / or test it to get the feel of it before actually putting some money on it.