Lucky Games Flash Casino

Lucky Games is a twist on the typical casino. Here, you play games and win bitcoin with your correct bets. The games are a little different than you might expect. There are classic casino games like Roulette, but you'll also find Dice, Cells, and Balls. Here's a bit more to know

The Games

The game options at Lucky Games are not plentiful. You have just four choices and most of them are unlike games you'll usually find in a casino.

“Roulette” is the only true casino game here. Pick your number, set your wager, and then wait for the roulette wheel to stop spinning. If the ball lands on a number/color that matches your bet, you win.

In “Dice,” you have two options. Place you bet and decide if you think the next dice roll will be under 50 or over it. If you're correct, you win.

“Cells” is a multiplayer game. There are 156 cells and the chance to win 5x on your bet. Choose your wager and then click on open cells and see if there's a number hidden within the cell. You have a 50/50 shot of winning a prize.

“Balls” shows a small screen with 10 balls numbered 0 to 10. Pick at least one ball and enter your wager. When you've got that all set, click “Run Magnet.” The magnet runs over the tops of the balls and eventually picks one up. If your ball is the chosen ball, you win.

There are tournaments available. Prize pools tend to be around 0.01 bitcoin. They're very easy to join.

The Structure

It takes a bit to get used to the structure in Lucky Games. It's pretty basic with clearly marked buttons. There's not a lot of frills here. Most of your menu options are small black buttons on the left side and along the top of the screen. Click “Games” to access the four games. There is chat available if you'd like to talk to other players. The casino does keep track of your stats for each of the games.

To add money to your account, click the bottom “Exchange” button. All options are for some form of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Digibyte, and Litecoin.

If more games are added, Lucky Games will be a fun and different place to play for real money. For now, the selection is a little limited, but Cells did prove to be pretty addicting as you try to predict where another money cell is hidden.

Give Lucky Games a try. It's still in its early phases, so in time, I can see this becoming a very popular place to relax and play something unique.