El Royale Casino

Are you bored with the overly complex home pages you see at most online casinos? Wouldn't it be refreshing to see something far simpler yet more engaging when you visit a new casino?

That is the experience you are about to have if you visit El Royale Casino. We have been there before you though, exploring every corner and bringing you news of the good, the bad, and everything between. Does this casino get everything right? You can find out for sure by reading our El Royale Casino review.

Who provides the casino with its software platform?

This is the platform on which everything else hangs, so it is important to see what is in store for us. Fortunately, the software comes from RTG. This is confirmed by the appearance of their logo at the bottom of the screen. You might also recognize some of their games in the collection we're going to explore shortly.

Let's begin by walking around their virtual lobby

If you hate complex lobby designs, you're going to feel right at home here. Look for six games areas to look through. Slots are the big attraction here, but if you enjoy playing table games, video poker, and specialty games as well, you'll get plenty of those too.

Two other areas are provided also - for latest and popular games. Those can reduce the amount of time it takes to spot new titles, and of course provide access to the most-played games around at present.

How to sign up to El Royale Casino

The casino uses logos and icons to give you access to certain parts of the site. There is a simple icon representing a person at the top of the site, and this has a plus sign with it. Select this and you'll see a signup screen. You'll need to complete your personal details and account details in three simple steps as shown.

Are there restrictions on who can sign up to the casino?

Yes, but that shouldn't come as a surprise. Their minimum age limit is 21, unless you live somewhere where the limit is higher. There is a short list of prohibited countries in their terms and conditions. Australia, Canada, and the USA are not on that list. If your country doesn't appear in the banned list, you should still check and confirm your laws do permit online gambling to occur. A few countries in Europe are banned, but by no means all of them.

Experience the best RTG games for yourself

El Royale Casino has a great design, to be sure, but it also benefits from having access to the entire back catalog of games from Realtime Gaming. Being able to try them all is great news. Don't forget, it's not just slots either - there are plenty more casino games you can check out too.

Try everything from classic slots to video slots

You can even access the newest RTG slots in the latest games area. They have lots of classic titles, based either on great themes or on a three-reel format. There are lots of video slots too though, offering bonuses and special symbols across five reels.

Would you like to try some free games before you join?

You can do so here. El Royale Casino offers a demo mode wherever possible, so if a game shows it has this option (mostly it does), you can choose that and try the game as if you were playing for real. There's no need to bet anything on these games, so you can test them fully and see what you think.

Are you ready for some paid games at El Royale?

If so, an account is required. From your experience of trying some of the games, you can see whether some fit with your budget and affordability better than others. RTG tends to give players a large range of betting options, so most games may be suitable. Many do qualify as penny slots or penny games, so that is good to know.

New slot games released by RTG are guaranteed to appear

Isn't that good to know? If RTG is your favorite software developer, you need never worry about missing out on a new release ever again. And since their new games usually do have a practice version attached, you can check that out first.

The promotions are hidden behind the gift…

That gift is at the top of the site, and once you select it, all the available promotions appear in three areas. One of these is reserved for your welcome bonus. The other two cover a Game of the Month deal (usually for a slot game), and various Special Offers.

The welcome deal is really a package, and we recommend you review all the details as there are some options to consider. Look out for the free spins offer too. You could then progress to claiming your bonus and free games for a selected Game of the Month title.

We did like the Special Offers area as well, because this is not reserved for just one offer. There are several there, so existing players are cared for just as much as new ones.

Don't expect any tournaments to be announced

The casino is new, though, so they might appear in future. For now, though, no events of this kind are available.

No winners are shared on the site

Again, as we are in the early stages of getting this casino established, news of some notable winners could be shared at some stage.

The Big Reason Why You Need to Read El Royale Casino Reviews Online

Have you heard about El Royale Casino yet? If not, it's not a huge surprise, because this casino had only just launched at the time of writing this. New casinos are always exciting to explore and review, because you never know whether they are going to be the next best thing or fall far short of that aim.

El Royale Casino looks superb and has much to recommend it. However, we always recommend reading as many reviews as you can for any casino, whether it is new or not. While we always suggest you visit a casino to see it for yourself and to see whether you like it, we would recommend reading reviews as an essential next step. The reviews contain plenty of information in one straightforward place. As such, they give you fast access to details about various aspects of the site - the games, the banking facilities, the bonuses, and so on.

Can you get an idea of what other players think?

Yes, because there is a chance the reviews have been written by (or with input from) current players. That would certainly apply to some of the reviews about El Royale Casino.

Of course, players are going to share their personal experiences, and these should be read with caution. Some players may not like what they see, even if there is nothing wrong with the casino itself. Some players may misunderstand terms for a bonus, for example, which could lead to a negative opinion even when nothing was wrong.

Use El Royale Casino reviews to help you decide whether to sign up

If you are from a location where players are accepted as members, you can look around the casino and read the reviews you find online to help you decide if El Royale Casino is the one for you. If it is, there are lots of entertaining games to look forward to. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Rewards for all players

El Royale Casino may not have an area for a rewards service, but it does reveal its existence in the FAQ section. You can look out for comp points whenever you play with real bets in place. These accumulate inside your account, and every 100 points you earn would be equivalent to a dollar.

Go mobile with El Royale Casino

A tablet or smartphone is fine for visiting the mobile casino via any browser of your choice. You won't need an app for Android or iOS devices.

Did you realize it is possible to play without registration?

Yep - no account is needed if all you want to do is to play a few demo games. There is no limit that we know of, so check a few out and see if you like them enough to sign up.

Instant play action every day of the week

This casino hasn't bothered with a download, so all you need to do is to pick a game and it loads right there in your browser. The most you may need to do is to enable Flash. You'll be prompted to do this if need be.

Affiliates stand ready!

Yes, there is an affiliate program connected to the El Royale Casino. It gives affiliates the chance to earn commissions on referred players. The program is handled by Top One Partners.

Sporting services not included

Think of El Royale as a casino, pure and simple. No bookie, no sportbook, and nothing else that could be similar to either of those.

The site doesn't include a blog or forum feature

This isn't unusual - in fact, it is always more surprising to see such things available. If you did want to read anything about the casino, sourcing information from external blogs and forums might work.

Can you meet any live dealers at the casino?

No, at the time of writing there were no live casino games on offer. Could this change? Yes, it could, but RTG does not provide live games, so they would need to add a further developer to the site if this was to be the case in future.

How to make a deposit at El Royale Casino

Firstly, make sure you are logged in and then go to the cashier area of your account. You'll be presented with all available deposit methods. Credit cards are there in the form of MasterCard and Visa. You could also use gift cards, Neosurf, or Bitcoin, so there is quite a mix of options to choose from. Gift cards would be purchased at a participating outlet and then used to deposit those funds in your account.

How can you make a withdrawal?

If you manage to score a few prizes and reach the minimum required amount of $150, you can choose from four methods. Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, and a bank transfer are all available for this purpose.

Using Bitcoin at the casino - is this a smart option?

It can be, yes, even if you do not yet have a Bitcoin wallet. When sorting through the bonuses for making a deposit, check the minimum qualifying deposit amount for using Bitcoin. This varies between methods. Another perk is that you can withdraw using this method too - not the case for every deposit method at El Royale.

What about seeking help?

El Royale Casino does give you the chance to seek help in several ways. Our advice would be to look through their FAQ first, as this has lots of top queries that receive answers. You can learn a lot about the casino this way.

If you still need assistance, select the speech icon on your screen and the live chat window will appear. You don't even need to be a member to use this, so if you are curious about something, ask away!