FairPlay Casino

A company called SGS Universal is responsible for powering the FairPlay Casino site . Beyond that, you can expect to spot some familiar games in store for you if you decide to sign up. There are seven software developers whose games you can expect to find there. That may not be as many as some can offer but wait until you see the names. Betsoft, Microgaming, NetEnt, and others all feature in the games section. Is that enough to pique your curiosity and get you exploring the games area to see what you can find there?

Does casino accept USA/Australia/Canada/Europe players?

Would you believe us if we told you no one from the above areas can use the FairPlay Casino? We have read through the terms and conditions (specifically section 14), which give us full details on this. There are many European countries that will be blocked from joining, although you can still view the casino to see what it is like. Check and see whether your country is included in the long list provided.

Casino games you will never want to forget

Think of casino games and the first type of game to come to mind is probably the slot game. You can expect games going well into three figures at FairPlay Casino. Yet there are lots of other games there too, such as lottery games, table game variations, and lots of video poker. If you browse the game menu, you will understand how much there is to look forward to.

Which casino slots will stick in your memory?

Some stay there for all the wrong reasons, but you can rest assured that’s not likely to happen at FairPlay. They offer games from major names, as we have seen, so there is every chance you can enjoy looking for some appealing themes, titles, game variations, and more at this casino. From three reels to five and featuring everything from basic elements to complex bonuses, their slots deliver on all counts.

New slots will usually be added regularly too

Most software developers have a new game coming up soon. With seven providers involved here – all major brands too – you can understand how you might soon find yourself viewing lots of new slot games to play. If you hear about a forthcoming slot from Microgaming or any other provider seen at this casino, you’ll know it is coming soon as well.

Live dealer casino possibilities are not provided

Sadly, you won’t get the experience of sitting at a virtual table and playing live games here. Not at present, anyway.

Online casino games for free can be accessed by members

While some casinos can allow freeplay for entertainment only without even requiring a login, this is not true of FairPlay Casino. You can try a few demos if you do decide to join though, and since it will be easy to do so once you have the appropriate wallet, it is worth thinking about doing this.

Online casino games for real money – using cryptocurrency, of course

If you hadn’t already guessed, FairPlay Casino is a cryptocurrency casino. We’ll find out which virtual currencies are in use there soon. In the meantime, you can expect to get the chance to play games with a chance to find credit prizes on the reels if you want to have a chance to score some prizes.

Casino promotions are never far from reach

You can enjoy a no deposit bonus when you follow the instructions that they provide for you. The casino uses a TruePlay Wallet, so your welcome will be known as 100 TPLAY on the site. To get this, you must open your account and be ready to receive a call from the team.

Beyond that, you can also expect to receive deposit bonuses for your first four deposits, as per the information on the site. These could be worth from 75% to 200% of a deposit, depending on which one you’re making.

Rewards seem to be non-existent

The site does not include details of any comp points or rewards to be earned.

Do they operate a mobile casino (iPad/Android/iPhone)?

Their casino looks good regardless of the screen you use to access it. You may prefer a larger screen, as some do, but conversely you might like to be able to play your favorite slots and other games by taking out your phone wherever you are. Try this method and see what you think of their mobile site. We like it – a lot.

Don’t worry about looking for an online casino app

There is no need to do this. They do not provide one as the site is optimized for all players to enjoy on all devices.

Enjoy casino payouts according to their blockchain format

This may be different to how you’ve used online casinos before. However, you can expect to enjoy some straightforward and fast payouts should you do enough while playing a game to tumble some coins into your account. Once you are ready to withdraw, simply follow their easy steps to make it happen.

Playing without registration is not available at FairPlay Casino

While there are sites out there that permit you to play like this (only for the chance to try a game, of course), FairPlay does not place itself in this category. Since the site requires you to have a suitable wallet to join with, it will only be worth signing up if you do eventually intend to make some real bets on their games.

Casino affiliate details come from TruePlay Affiliate

Yes, they do offer affiliate opportunities, and they give you a link to go through to that site. Since the casino uses virtual currencies, you would expect TruePlay Affiliate to do the same – and it does.

No casino bookie on offer

The casino is focused on providing casino games rather than bookie-based services.

You shouldn’t expect to try any sports betting either

Other sites are available that cover this, so there is no big hole left by the fact you won’t find a sportsbook at FairPlay Casino.

Could you say hello to other members via casino blog/forums?

It is possible, but you would need to find a general casino forum that has some members who are part of this casino. Sharing experiences and opinions has been done for years, however, and doing so often benefits those who are involved in the experience.

Choose one of two deposit methods

No doubt you have heard of Bitcoin. If you have read this far into our review of FairPlay Casino, you are certainly interested in (or at least curious about) joining a cryptocurrency casino. So, the fact that they offer Bitcoin and Ethereum won’t lead to any frowns for you. Choose your preference and get started.

Cash out in the same manner

Whichever one of those two currencies you choose to deposit with, chances are you’ll want to withdraw anything won in the same way too. The site makes this easy to do and you can expect fast and easy withdrawals as well.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, payments and promos information

There are bonuses to be claimed if you end up wanting to join the site, both as a no deposit bonus deal and a deposit bonus over the first few deposits made. Other information about making and receiving payments via cryptocurrency is also available. In fact, they provide ample details of how the site works and how blockchain technology makes everything as transparent as possible.

Casino help is provided on every page

If you want to get the most out of FairPlay Casino, you can expect to do so by reading the content on their site. If you are new to this method of play, there is a lot of information on blockchain technology and virtual currencies to read. If you need to get in touch with any questions, you’ll find their email address and WhatsApp information on the contact page.

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