Admiral's Inn Slots

Ever wanted to be commander of your fleet? Here is your chance to be the commander of your old-school feet. With Admiral's Inn Slots, it will one of the most entertaining slot games you have ever played Admiral's Inn Slots is a 3 reel, 1 payline slot machine game. With a combination of thrilling graphics you will be traveling the seas and feeling like an admiral all throughout the game. The minimum coins size is 10 cents. In Admiral's Inn Slots, there is a maximum limit of three coins per spin. The maximum amount of the bet is at $30 per son. This is a classic game. The jackpot is at 1500 coins Admiral's Inn Slots is sure to be a great game to play that will keep the player entertained for a long time.

Admiral's Inn Slots Graphics

The theme of Admiral's Inn Slots is the sea. The player is the commander of their own fleet. Of course, the layout and design goes well with this theme. There are many boats themed graphics and the font of the game is an old-styled font that you will go back into a time of pirates. The symbols of this game also relate to the theme as well. Symbols include a big anchor, an old-fashioned wheel of a boat, a strong shark, a shiny star, some maps, books, some sea barrels, boats and yachts, and simple bars.

Admiral's Inn Slots Symbols

In this game, the WILD symbol is the Anchor Symbol. It can also appear as the SCATTER symbol. The Anchor symbol can appear anywhere on the reels for players to win. If a player receives an anchor symbol on a one-coin, then they would win two coins. If a players gets an anchor on a two-coin they will win four coins. Finally, if a player wins a bet on a three-coin, they the player will win six coins. If a player receives three Book symbols, then they can up anywhere from 5 to 15 coins. The same goes if a player receives thee one-Bar symbols. If a player hits three two-Bar symbols, then the can win anywhere from 10-30 coins. Players can also win anywhere from 10-30 coins if they receive three Hourglass symbols. Players who receive three yacht or compass symbols in the sole payline will receive anywhere from 20-60 coins. When players receive triple shark symbols while playing Admiral's Inn Slots, they will receive 30-90 coins. Finally, the highest symbol to get is a trio of the Ship symbols. This will allow players to win coins the ranges of 50-150.

Admiral's Inn Slots is USA friendly and a fun slot machine to play. Players will appreciate the simple graphics while not getting bored with anything. Admiral's Inn Slots is a classic game that players will enjoy. Payers will feel like they are in command with this slot machine game. So, go and try this game now. You will have a great time playing this game.