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The Dark Knight Slots
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Batman. The Hero of Gotham. The Dark Knight. Those who grew up with superhero comic books recognize this reference as belonging to one of the oldest and long-lived comic book serials in history, a property jealously protected by DC Comics. It is fairly rare that such a high profile property lends its name to a slot game. The Isle of Man-based Microgaming, however, one of the true powerhouses of online gaming development has managed to work a deal with DC, and now they have a magnificent slot game carrying the name of The Dark Knight.

The Look of Gotham

Having won this very special property, Microgaming was not about to build anything but the biggest and best game that their wealth of technology could produce. While being very easy to play and user friendly, this is a game with a sleek and high-tech look that would make Bruce Wayne proud! The symbols are images of the heroes and villains of the recent Batman films – these are not drawings, but actual stills from the movies. When they come up in winning combinations, brief excerpts from the film is played. Furthermore, when special symbols or combinations come up, like the wildcard symbol, there are dramatic explosions that spread beyond the confines of the image square!

Surprisingly, Microgaming opted to go with card indices for the lower level combinations, but in fine style. They have created 9 through Ace symbols that integrate Batman style and that distinctive dieselpunk look and feel.

Playing with Heroes and Villains

As must be expected from Microgaming products, this game runs smoothly and perfectly. One item of note: If your computer does not have sufficient memory to stream movies smoothly, you may have some trouble with this game. We had no trouble with it, however, either on our older laptop or our powerful desktop machine. The animations and the functionality of the game were utterly flawless.

The bonus games also work excellently, and the animations will provide some big surprises for players.

Not a USA Friendly Hero

We are very sad to say that, at this time, Microgaming casinos are not US friendly, so in the United States we will not have access to The Dark Knight slot game. Exceptions are in place for longstanding players who registered their Microgaming casino accounts prior to their backing out of the US markets, but, for the most part, we are out of luck on this one.

If you find superhero themed games exciting, take a look at some of these terrific options!

Goldenman – This is an excellent game that is styled after the Ironman comic book stories! This time it is on a big five-reel 20 payline game with gun animations and lots of winning combinations.

Jack Hammer – This game is drawn from the funny pages of the 1940s! The look is all color Sunday morning comics, and the adventure is high. This is a great 5-reel 20-payline game with old-timey graphics and simple animations.

Lost – More Indiana Jones than Batman, but still a really exciting and great looking game that will appeal to comic book fans. This is a Betsoft game with rich 3D graphics and constant animations. Players will feel drawn into a movie with this one!

Play Some Slots Tonight!

If you are located in an area where you can play The Dark Knight, definitely give this super new game a try. If you cannot access this one, however, don’t let that stop you! There are loads of great superhero and movie themed slot games out there that will offer you loads of fun and excitement. So head over to your favorite online casino property and get the reels spinning for fun and winnings now!

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The Dark Knight Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, progressive
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.02
Max Bet$6
ScatterJoker Logo
SymbolsAnthony Garcia, Batman Logo, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, James Gordon, Joker Logo, Joker, Lau, Rachel Dawes, Sal Maroni
Free spins15 Free Spins
Bonus roundProgressive Jackpot Bonus Game
Fun moneyyes
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