Are Progressive Slots Worth Playing?

Is this a question you have asked yourself in the past? Lots of players seek out these slots every day, so they must be worth a try. If you have read about lucky players who scooped one of these jackpots, you'll know the amounts that could be won are sometimes very big. Life-changing amounts, you might say.

Let's explore some of the elements connected to these jackpots, so you can decide whether they are going to be worth playing for you.

The progressive jackpot continually gets bigger

This is the great thing about a progressive jackpot. A small portion of every bet someone places on a slot game will go into the jackpot amount. That's why, when you are playing for real money, you'll see that amount gradually getting bigger.

Sometimes, they'll go for a long time before someone triggers it and receives the jackpot. Other games pay out more often but pay a smaller jackpot amount in the process.

Sometimes there is more than one progressive pot to win

You might have noticed this if you've seen screen grabs of certain online slot games. Why have just one progressive jackpot when you can have several? Two, three, or even four pots are getting more common now. They all have their own names, and sometimes they might be named according to the theme used in that slot game. But whatever they are called, it does make things more intriguing if you know there is a chance you could win one of them.

Some games have 'must win' triggers at set levels

This means if the jackpot hasn't been won by the time it gets to, say, $10,000, someone must win it. So, the closer the amount gets to that level, the more likely it is that someone will do just that. And if you are playing, who is to say that someone won't be you? These jackpot rules aren't very common, but the 'must win' technique does make things more interesting, doesn't it?

You can probably tell these jackpots are popular because they give people the opportunity to try and win far bigger amounts than might otherwise be possible. Our opinion is that it's great to play these games if you don't need to bet any more than you normally would. In this case, it means you've got an extra chance of winning a massive prize, and who wouldn't turn that down?