Rave Riches Slots

We bet you have seen the word ‘riches’ popping up in a few slot games before now. The word ‘rave’ is way less common though. This might just be a first, in fact.

One slot game developer has produced a more unusual idea, using their creativity to create a theme that works well in this case. We think so, anyway. With a modern feel that makes sense with the theme, this one has some cool elements you can look out for when you start to play. Before you do that, we recommend you check out our complete slot review here first.

More about the developer

If you’ve tried a handful of games from Realtime Gaming in the past, this is another one you ought to check out.

Demo accessibility

One thing we can tell you about RTG is that they always supply practice versions of their slot games. The same applies here as well.

Theme details for Rave Riches

If you wondered whether any software developer would base a slot around a rave theme, well… you’ve got your answer. This is a laidback rave though, so while there are lights, music, dancers, and all the other things you’d expect, the slot game looks cool and not too overwhelming.

A promising design

We like the dark appearance of this one, as it contrasts nicely with those splashes of color all over the place. There are some neat touches with the design too, most notably the spin button, designed to look like an old 45’ record.

Reels, symbols, and other features in Rave Riches slots

The game presents us with five reels. When these reels stop spinning, three symbols appear on each. There aren’t any progressive jackpots here though.

They have labeled the wild and therefore you cannot miss it. They’ve used red and yellow for this symbol. The game logo is a scatter icon, and we can see silver and green used to make this stand out.

Those wilds can only appear on reels two and four. It is possible to see two or three on the same reel though, and any wild-won prize is worth double the standard amount.

How many paylines are there here?

There are none; the maximum 243 winning options are included on the 5 x 3 playing grid.

One wager per spin

You can bet just one amount on each spin of the reels, thanks to the way win format. The minimum is 30 cents, which isn’t bad for 243 possible prize combinations. You can go through many other options too though, with the highest being $150.

Paytable details for Rave Riches

Some of the paytables from RTG are based on different pages. We prefer those as you can easily go between the pages. This one requires you to scroll to see the whole thing. It’s fine – we just prefer the other version. What do you prefer?

Bonus features in Rave Riches slots

We can keep this bit short because bonuses aren’t part of this game.

Can you score any free spins?

You can, yes, and the scatter is the usual way to do this. That proves correct for this game as well. The great thing about this round is that once you find three scattered logos, you can choose from five ways to play the spins.

The idea is to decide what matters most. Would you prefer lots of spins or a smaller quantity with a bigger wild multiplier? The biggest quantity is 15 games with a 2x boost to each wild prize won. At the opposite end of the scale, you could go for five freebies with a massive 8x wild multiplier.

The other three versions are to choose 12, 10, or eight games with 3x, 4x, or 5x multipliers on the prizes, respectively. So, there is something there for everyone’s preference. Remember, though, that the prizes are based on the wild multiplier rather than on every prize.

RTP details for this slot game

You may already know that RTG doesn’t usually release this information for their slot games. That seems to be true for this new game as well.

Are we going to give Rave Riches a rave review?

You can tell what we think of this game already. There is a lot to be impressed by here. We always prefer to see options for a free spin feature, so it is nice to see that in action on this occasion. We would prefer to see bonuses too, but hey, you cannot always have everything! The game has done enough to earn 7.5 out of 10 though, don’t you think?

Wild prizes carry the best hope of a giant prize

The highest regular prize is 750x your wager, but a wild would double the amount paid in that situation. If you chose the 8x multiplier and picked up a decent prize in the free spins, who knows how high your rewards could potentially go?

Start with some demo play to see what you think

It is impossible to know whether a slot game is going to be ideal for you until you take it for some practice spins. Doing that with this game means you’ll know for sure whether you like it enough to change over to real play.

Where can you find the real version of Rave Riches?

Any good RTG casino will have the game ready for you. Some allow demo play to non-members, so if you have tried playing that way, you’ll need to open an account before you can change to the real thing. Be sure and secure a welcome deal when you do so.

Get ready for some mobile entertainment too

Yep, the game is playable on Android and iOS if you prefer playing while on the move.