Monster Manor Slots

That is the big question, and if this manor really does include monsters, would we want to pay it a visit? When you see the cartoon image promoting the Monster Manor online slot game, you'll find the mix of colors and characters appealing enough, we are sure.

So, hang tight and follow us into the dark night as we find out what secrets this online slot may be hiding…

Who created this slot game?

Monster Manor is one of the Bovada slots, so you will only see it at casinos running on their software.

You can check out a demo

Many players like to experiment with a few practice spins before deciding whether a game is ideal to play for real. You can do just that with the Monster Manor game too.

Can you work out the theme?

We guess you can, as two characters looking suspiciously like Dracula and Frankenstein appear alongside a witch over the top of the title alone. Once you get past that, you will see all the other trappings of your typical Halloween or monster-themed slot game.

Design features in the Monster Manor slot

We don't get to see inside the manor itself, as the game takes place at night outside. But we can see various cartoon-like icons over the reels, with ghosts, werewolves, and other characters making appearances during the game.

Reels, icons, and features in the Monster Manor slot

The game offers five reels with three rows of symbols appearing on each spin. You won't see any progressive prizes, so you are limited to the ones appearing in the paytable.

The black cat is the wild symbol, and it pays out on its own too if you get three or more on a payline. That isn't always the case in online slots, so it is a welcome addition, as is the fact they can appear in stacks.

Meanwhile, we have two scatters to watch for - the triggers for the free games and the bonus that we will cover shortly. The first scatter is a ghostly figure while the second is shown as bat.

Paylines in Monster Manor

They aren't labeled on the game screen but there are 50 of them, all fixed.

How much can you bet on the game?

There is a range of wagers to choose from. There are three green buttons to the right of the reels; the bottom one controls your bet. Select it to see all the available wagers before you play.

Paytable details

This is hidden from view, so you need to go into it before you play, which is easy enough to do. We suggest you look through it to see the various prizes you could get for creating certain winning combinations over the reels.

The Monster Manor bonus round

Three ghosts reveal access to the bonus feature. You then see 12 ghostly icons on your screen. To the right of them, there are four potions, each of a different color. You begin to choose different ghosts as shown, with each one revealing a potion. Once you get three identical potions, you score the prize shown next to that color.

The bats fly you into the free spins

Three or more bats trigger 10 free games to play, but you'd get a scatter prize for doing this as well. The more bats you get, the bigger the scatter prize.

Once inside those free spins, you will receive a 3x multiplier on each prize won. Watch out for that wild black cat too. If it lands anywhere on reel three, it changes into a witch and she occupies the entire reel.

RTP information for Monster Manor

The game should come in at 96%, according to the information we have gleaned from it.

Do we like the Monster Manor experience?

Yes, we like the free spins and the separate bonus, not to mention the wild cat features. There is plenty here to warrant a score of 8/10.

Look at the paytable to check out the prize potential

Winners are going to net the prizes from the paytable rather than scooping unknown amounts of a progressive jackpot pool. While all prizes are fixed, there are still some impressive ones there.

Try the demo to get you in the mood

If the full moon rises and you fancy a freaky slot like this one, try the practice version before diving in for real. It's the sensible way to begin for sure.

Play the real game when you're ready

You must be a member of a Bovada casino to play the real one, of course, and you should also have made a suitable deposit. Watch for deposit bonuses before you do that.

Mobile access is cool too

You can get Android and iOS access to the game via a smartphone or tablet if you prefer that to a regular computer.