Play With Cleo Slots

When it comes to playing for all of the riches, you want to make the most of what they have to offer. The gold is waiting for you in one spot. Not just that, but since they have a strong reputation, you know you're going to get a high RTP and a payout that is worth it in the end. You can expect an RTP of 95.82%. Learn more by reading below.

Learn More About Cleo

Cleo has been created by Dragon Gaming, a well-known casino software company that is offering a great pay out and fun to be had around every corner. You want to limit the risks of losing your money, so make sure to play just the right amount of time. Additionally, they have been around for a bit, so you can expect to get the excitement that comes from a slot game that opens up new avenues.

What Symbols are Spinning Around Inside

There are 12 crafted symbols that you can find spinning around the board. Each one is different from the last, giving you a colorful picture to line up. Red, Green, and Blue scarabs will be providing the middle level payouts you can expect. While the black cat is going to pay up to 500x the bet you amount you put down. If you want even more, the scorpions and cobras are going to open a new door to even more payouts, though they are around 200 to 300, not 500x your bet amount. Cleo's portrait is a wild which opens up bonuses and extras.

The Many Bonuses You Land On

There are many different bonuses you can land when playing this game, but Cleo's portrait is the symbol that is going to open up the biggest bonus game. She opens a 3x multipliers bonus that adds up to the amount you put down on the table. If you land on three bonus symbols anywhere on the board, the game awards you with 12 free spins.

How to Play the Game

With 5 reels, 3 rows, and 27 paylines, you can land on the right symbols that end up where you need them, when you need it. Use the controls below the game to place your bet and to keep the game going and the winnings coming in. You want to make sure you're walking away with the cash in hand.

Sign Up for a Little Extra Fun

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