The Elf Wars Slots

But how serious are these wars? We always thought elves were friendly and worked together to help Santa get all his tasks done and presents delivered on Christmas Eve. However, it looks as if we may have gotten that wrong. We’re going to check out The Elf Wars slot game to get more information on this, so let’s see what’s going on.

Who is the developer?

You can find Realtime Gaming in the driving seat of the sleigh for this festive game.

The demo reveals what’s going on throughout

We love a slot game more if we can try it first, and this game is included in that category, thankfully.

Theme info for The Elf Wars

It’s clear this one is based around the festive season, but we aren’t sure whether the festivities are really underway if the elves are squabbling! It’s clear that the game takes a different tack, and this sets it apart from most other Christmas slot games.

Some cool tweaks to this design

If we tell you that the game uses the traditional letters and numbers for the cheaper prizes, you might be disappointed. However, RTG has wrapped everything in Christmas paper, so they look cool. You’ve also got other Christmassy icons in the more important and better paying roles.

How to play the slot game, The Elf Wars

The usual format comes into view upon loading this slot game – a 5 x 3 format. We do get the chance to play for a progressive jackpot too, so you can keep track of this as it gets bigger in the top left corner.

If you wondered whether Santa might be a wild symbol, well done, you were spot on there. However, we have another wild to tell you about too – and this one is Rudolph.

With two wilds available, it helps to balance things up and supply two scatters, and we do indeed get this feature in The Elf Wars. They’re both elves, but it looks like one of them is better behaved than the other…

Paylines in action in The Elf Wars

If you like plenty of lines in a slot game, you’ll get 50 in play in this one.

Play from just a penny a time on each line

This does mean it costs 50 cents per spin, even with that low coin value in action. However, there are other coins too if you want to bet higher wagers per spin. You can go up to 50 cents for each one.

Paytable potential to look at

We hope you are enjoying our review for The Elf Wars. However, we’d still suggest checking on the paytable before you play the title. It gives you further details to go on and lots of icons to look at too.

Bonus respins might come your way

Three matching elves, i.e., three of the same scatters rather than a mix of both, will get you through to another part of the game. We’ll come to that shortly. However, if you get two good elves and two bad ones on the same spin, all the elves fix in their positions and the other spots on the reels go through a free respin. If you get another elf, you’ll trigger whichever bit comes next…

Plenty of ways to find some free spins

We’re back to the elves here, so let’s see how they work. If you find three of the gold elves in one spin, the game either awards you free spins in Santa Strikes Back or some Jackpot Spins. If you get to the latter, you might receive a cash prize from the Jackpot Wheel that appears on the screen. Alternatively, you may receive the Santa Strikes Back spins from the wheel… or hopefully, the progressive jackpot, hence the name.

The other possibility is to find three of the bad elves in action on the same base game spin. This would trigger some free games with the Rudolph’s Revenge or Rudolph’s Rampage feature. Depending on which one you receive, you’ll notice a few tweaks to the usual gameplay.

No obvious RTP in this game

There is one, of course, but we think it might vary according to the casino you play The Elf Wars at.

Our rating is going high for this one

It’s going to be 9.5 out of 10 points from us, thanks to all the special elements rolled into the game. Lots of ways to get some free spins, some naughty and good elves, two wilds, and a Jackpot Wheel too… doesn’t it all sound exciting?

Who might scoop the progressive from that wheel?

You need to get through to the round to spin it first, so it could be tricky to learn more about it. Of course, we all realize that the odds of spinning the correct segment of the wheel into play are going to be long, but we’ll let you know if we hear about someone managing to do it.

Play for some festive entertainment this Christmas

We’ve seen that we can try the game rather than playing the real version, so there is no need to bother with real play if you don’t want to. The game lays on plenty of entertainment even in demo mode.

Play for real if you like what you see in The Elf Wars

Yes, and there is a lot to like in this one, with all those wilds and scatters making things unpredictable on every spin.

Mobile gaming also available

See how many elves you can find coming into view on your tablet or smartphone if you fancy playing that way instead.