Plentiful Treasure Slots

Ah, we do like a good treasure hunt. If you feel the same, perhaps this new slot game will pique your curiosity just as it did ours. With some pleasing graphics, a good mix of detailed treasures to look for, and some other fascinating elements as well, Plentiful Treasure will hopefully live up to its promising title.

Format of reels and lines put into play in Plentiful Treasure

This one joins the ranks of the many five-reel slots online today. It has dispensed with paylines, instead offering an all ways pays arrangement.

Could you win a progressive jackpot by playing this game?

Wouldn’t that be cool? We know the chances of making this happen are long, but we do have some great news for you. The Plentiful Treasure slot game includes not just one but several progressive jackpots. The biggest of the lot appears in large figures on the game screen. This is the grand jackpot. However, you will see further amounts under that, so with every real-money spin you make, you get a chance to try and win one of them.

Which icons might make an appearance on the reels of this game?

There are rings here, along with a necklace and a banner too. The latter two appear to be used as scatter icons. That means you can win a scatter prize simply by finding an appropriate amount of the same scatter icons placed anywhere on the reels. If there are indeed two of these involved, you can look forward to twice the chance of winning scatter prizes on a spin.

Does the slot game include any special features or bonuses?

Well, we have already covered those jackpots, which appear to have random triggers, so you never know when they might pay out. Since this game is new, we have yet to discover further details about possible bonuses or free spins. When the game becomes available to play, we can expect to learn more about the possibility of winning such items. We can only hope for the appearance of a wild icon to go along with those scatters, too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that one!

Will you download and play the all-new Plentiful Treasure slot game?

We think you will, as this new game holds lots of promise. If you manage to get the better of the game, you can expect to win a few nice prizes.