Panda Planet Slots

Panda Planet is a newer online slot game that has an Asian theme and a whole host of nicely drawn animal symbols to look at as you play through spin after spin. The slot is set over top of a nice green backdrop with a brilliant blue sky up above, and it features attractive music that will help immerse you into the experience. We decided to take a good look at the slot after seeing the graphics and audio for it and that’s why we put together a complete review of the game. Read our review to see if you like the slot or not and maybe you’ll end up playing it long-term.

1024 Ways to Win

Panda Planet offers gamblers 1024 ways to win with every single spin. Wins are pretty frequent for that very reason, though most of the mare pretty small compared to what some less active slots payout. What that means is the slot is good for gamblers that like to win often, but it’s not as good for gamblers that like getting paid out large sums of money when they win.

The Betting Range

When you play Panda Planet you have a lot of options to work with when it comes to wagering. If you’re a low stakes gambler you are free to risk as little as $0.50 per spin with this slot game. If you are a high stakes gambler you can go all the way up to $300.00 per spin with this slot. The total amount that you risk determines how much cash you can potentially win while playing this slot, so choose carefully so that you can make the most of your time with the game.

Small Base Game Prizes

While some slot games offer massive fixed jackpot prizes during the base game, Panda Planet doesn’t work like that. This slot offers much more modest prize payouts which is why it can pay more frequently. The best prize that you can get during the base game is five wilds and they are worth just 400 coins. The next best is a tie between the two panda symbols and five of them are worth 100 coins. Next is the two cat symbols worth 80 coins for five, and prizes keep dropping down from there with the lowest payout being 30 coins for five matching symbols.

Three Symbols to Win

While many slots require you to get four or five symbols to unlock prizes, every single symbol in this game pays out as long as you have three or more of the min a row. Sure most of the prizes are small with three symbols, but you’ll win them frequently.

Growing Wilds

Any wilds that show up on the reels during the base game of Panda Planet have a chance to grow to take up two or four places on the reel. They can grow vertically to take two spots, or grow into a two by two square. These powerful wilds don’t just give you more chances to win nice prizes, they also trigger the special bonus rounds like Power Panda and Colossal Wheel.

Power Panda

If a wild manages to land on any of the four corners of this slot game this special feature is triggered. During Power Panda that wild remains in place for a total of five turns, or until Colossal Wheel is triggered. There are no special multipliers, but the wild can help give you a better chance of triggering additional wins as you spin.

Colossal Wheel

When two different wilds appear on any of the corners of this slot at the same time, Colossal Wheel is triggered. This special bonus round transforms the central three reels into one massive 3x3 reel with large symbols that count for 3 symbols in both directions. Covering 2 corners gives you 3 free spins, covering 3 corners gives you 5 free spins and covering all four corners gives you 10 free spins with the Colossal Wheel feature activated.

Random Jackpots

Panda Planet comes with two different random jackpots that can be triggered at any point in time while playing the game, and they can be worth thousands of dollars, so hope that you get lucky while you play.

Panda Planet offers pretty tame prize payouts most of the time, but it’s very easy to get long prize winning combinations, especially when one of the special features of the game are active. That’s why we recommend this slot. It’s especially good for gamblers that enjoy winning frequently, because that’s what you can expect from this slot game.