Banana Jones Slots

Have you heard of Banana Jones? This little character may not be familiar to you now, but he soon will be. He is the titular character in the new RTG game that is now available to try. And we think you will want to go on a dramatic adventure with him, especially once you’ve seen what lies ahead…

Reels and win lines

There are no reels or win lines in this game. Okay… so what is involved then? Well, think of the game as a snakes and ladders offering, styled in this manner with traps and advantages to watch out for. Banana Jones is ready to make his journey across a pond with lots of lily pads on it. There is a temple beyond, and that is your target.

How do you place bets on this game?

Each time you place a bet, you will be permitted to make five rolls of the two dice provided for you. Each roll will deliver a number between two and 12, and the character will progress from one lily pad to the next in accordance with the number shown.

Snakes and vines…

You will see both these in play, connecting some of the lily pads with other ones. If Banana Jones reaches the head of a snake, he’ll slide down it to reach the tail position. If he reaches the bottom of a vine, however, he’ll head up it to get to a position nearer the temple.

Collect identical items to win prizes

As the lily pads map the potential paths across the pond, you’ll notice there are diamonds there too. Your task is to collect them to trigger a prize. You can win for collecting vines, too. Check the paytable to find out more.

Are there any bonuses in Banana Jones?

The Treasure Wheel is indicated by a position in the game. Land on this and you get to spin that wheel to secure a prize. Alternatively, you could land the Crystal Banana Quest. To trigger this, you must reach the temple that waits beyond the pond. Treasure chests are hidden inside the temple and choosing one will reveal the richness of the fruits that lie within. There is a chance to win up to 2,565x your bet in this game.

Download the excellent Banana Jones game from RTG now

This looks set to be another winner from RTG. Get ready to go on an adventure today!