Double Sixteen Slots

A Betsoft slot is always fun to look at. The first look we get of the Double Sixteen slot would indicate this harks back to the classic slots – the type you’d see in a real casino. The title should provide a hint of what is to come, but unless we’re looking at big multipliers or lots of reels, we’re not sure what to expect from this one.

Reels and lines

The game offers four reels, but since each one has four positions on it, we can expect to see multiple paylines to bet on. In fact, you can play on up to 32 paylines – way more than you may have imagined.

You will also see where the title comes from, because the Double Sixteen slot has two sets of reels – one in the upper portion of the screen and one lower down.

Coins to choose from

You can see the various bet amounts below the four reels. You can choose from five, 10, 20, and 40 credits per spin. The wager chosen will influence the number of paylines you bet on. A five-credit bet secures four paylines, while a 10-credit bet could win you prizes on up to eight paylines. The 20- and 40-credit bets allow for wagers on 16 or 32 paylines respectively.

Double Sixteen symbols to look for

This is an old-style slot game, right down to the design being based on a real machine. There are no wilds or other symbols here that are worth more than you might think either. It is all down to matching the appropriate symbols to win the relevant prizes. You will see these on the paytable. The bet you place indicates the prize levels for each successful line combo.

Can you find a bonus feature or two?

No – this is a true classic and as such you won’t find any bonuses to trigger here.

Download, play, and try to win with Double Sixteen today!

This game won’t suit everyone. We think it has been designed to appeal to lovers of the classic one-armed bandits who want something extra with their next slot game. Double Sixteen certainly appeals to that, because you get plenty more reels for your money with this one!

Check out this game now and find out whether this more unusual Betsoft slot is one you will want to play. Will you win double the prizes here?