Supermarket Mania Slots

You wouldn’t assume a humble supermarket would be an ideal place to set an online slot game. It seems one of the dullest locations you could pick, doesn’t it? And yet here we are, ready to review the Supermarket Mania slot game, to see whether it manages to subvert all ideas of what such a game might look like. And there are some surprises in store here, as you are about to find out.

Who is the developer?

The answer is one of the most creative and long-lived developers around… Wager Gaming. They may have changed their name a few times over the years, but they’re still developing lots of fine slots today.

Demo action in the supermarket

If you want to see whether this game is right for you without risking your coins, you can do so by selecting the practice version.

You can work out the theme by now, we’re sure

We are heading into the supermarket for this one, with plenty of products on the shelves throughout.

Does it boast a strong design?

It does, although you should be prepared for an older one. Despite its age, though, Supermarket Mania does have a lot of appeal. We like this one, as it devotes all the attention to the reels and everything appearing on them. You won’t see much of a supermarket setting behind those reels.

Get ready for a spin on Supermarket Mania slots

You can expect five reels to arrive when the game loads. You won’t find a progressive jackpot in play, but you can still get lots of prize possibilities in the paytable.

You can find a cash register during the game, and this behaves as a wild symbol. There are only two other symbols this one won’t stand in for. The first of these is a discount coupon, which behaves in the role of the scatter. The second is a shopping cart. If you guessed this might be a bonus symbol, well done – you were spot on.

Paylines in Supermarket Mania slots

This game uses a familiar set of 20 lines, making it accessible to many players, even those with smaller budgets.

Is this an affordable game to try?

It depends on your budget, of course, but you can use coins valued between a penny per line and $10 per line, so there is quite a large range to choose from.

Make sure you don’t miss the paytable

This reveals what each symbol looks like and where it sits in the prize payout range. It gives you the chance to see what you make of the game before you play it.

Bonus shopping!

Finding three bonus carts will take you into a shopping bonus round. You can choose three items from one of three shopping aisles in the supermarket in this round. Instead of paying for those items, you’ll receive a prize from each one. You can either take that prize or choose another aisle to see what you get from that one. However, when you choose another aisle, you forfeit the first prize. So, if you end up visiting the third aisle, you must take whatever you scoop from the three products chosen there.

Another twist to this round is that four triggering bonus symbols bring you a 2x multiplier on whatever you receive from the round. Find five triggering symbols and the multiplier increases to 4x instead.

Free spins are also up for grabs in Supermarket Mania

Yes, you can find 10 games to play for free when you spot three discount coupons in a single spin of those reels. These also carry a multiplier, as you’ll get 2x the usual amounts for all prizes won in this case.

No known RTP value for this slot

It doesn’t mean there isn’t one, only that we do not know what it is.

Our rating for the Supermarket Mania slot game

There is more involved in this game than first impressions might suggest, as we’ve seen. Make sure you get the chance to find a demo of this if you can. You’ll be playing an eight out of 10 slot if you do, we believe.

How much could be won?

Five cash registers are certainly a nice way to bring plenty of coins your way, offering the best 10,000x multiplier possible in the game. Of course, you could net some neat prizes if you reach the bonus too, especially if you managed to get the 4x multiplier when reaching it.

Play some demo spins to get an idea of what to expect

You could play the demo for long enough to reach the bonus and free spin rounds, so you can see how they play out. However, you’ll also get a feel for whether you’d like to play some cash bets on Supermarket Mania slots.

Try the real thing at Wager Gaming casinos

With the real game standing ready to play too, will you sign up to one of these casinos to try it today?

Mobile access for the Supermarket Mania slot game

This is a superb game, but its age could mean you cannot find it on a mobile website.